5 Things To Do Right After You Get Engaged


OMG you’re getting married! Congratulations! Do these 5 things NOW, before a thousand phone calls and social media posts keep you busy for the next several weeks.

Scream, Hug, Kiss, Jump Up and Down

Celebrate! You’ve just made one of the biggest, most thrilling decisions of your life. Take a moment together—or several days. Then tell your closest family and friends before posting anything online.

Take Pics (Lots!)

This includes a photo of the two of you, breathlessly excited and grinning, blissfully unaware of how challenging wedding planning will be. Also be sure to snap a selfie with the ring, and then a closer pic for your mom/best friend/sister to see before they check out the rock in person.

Talk Alone

You’ll spend hours repeating the story to friends and family, politely rebuffing questions about setting the wedding date. Take some time to talk seriously with your significant other about the future, and discuss what expectations you have going forward. As in kids, religion, debts, pets… you get the idea.

Pick a Timeframe

It’s important to know how long you’ll be engaged before you say, “I do.” Engagements can last anywhere from a month (if you’re eloping) to several years. Choose a timeline that makes sense for where your relationship is at, what career plans you have, and your financial situation.

Take Care of Your Ring(s)

It’s sadly common to lose your new sparkler. Don’t let it happen to you! Get a ring holder (or two), and ALWAYS put your ring there when it’s not on your finger. Size your ring and consider insurance. Find out if your partner wants an engagement ring, and start shopping for wedding bands. Have fun!


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