7 Actually Fun Bridal Shower Ideas


So you want to plan an amazing bridal shower! All you need are engagement-themed trinkets and flowery place settings—right?

The tricky thing is that the bride’s besties don’t always know each other. Cousins and work buddies and mom’s friends get thrown in together. Enter awkward silences.

You can beat the bridal shower blues with fun, eclectic activities! Customize these fabulous party ideas to entertain a variety of ages and personalities.


Champagne & Cocktails

Drinks are a MUST at any bridal shower. Go with a fun summer theme by serving strawberry lemonade or raspberry cocktails, and definitely share the ultimate bridal bubbly: champagne! For underage guests or non-drinkers, sparkling cider will do the trick.


Dessert Bar & Cakes

There’s nothing cuter than a dessert bar. Serve all kinds of sweets and everyone will find something they love. Sparkly cakes, brownies, fudge, chocolate strawberries, pretzels, and the bride’s favorite candy are just a few ideas. If you have invited celiac or diabetic guests, include gluten-free or sugar-free options for them to enjoy, too!


Deluxe Men in Tuxes (servers)

Mix things up! The bridal shower is typically a female-only event, but for added pizazz, throw in a few well-dressed men. You can recruit the groom and his pals to serve drinks, or hire butlers in tuxes. Either way, you’ll have some good-looking guys waiting on you.


Wonderland Tea Party

Want to make it classy? Host a tea party, complete with fine china and a variety of tea-time treats! And because the party doesn’t have to be all about eating, you can practice fortune telling with tea leaves, put advice for the bride and groom in a tea pot, or take wonderland-themed pics with props.


Cute Cake Pop Favors

Everyone loves taking favors home. Since the point of a bridal shower is to shower the bride with presents, it’s only polite to give guests something back. Sweet little cake pops, DIY hot chocolate, or s’mores bags are just a few edible gift ideas. You can also give tiny potted plants, packets of seeds, bracelet charms, or miniature makeup kits.


DIY Flower Crowns

Art projects are time-intensive and give your attendees something creative to take home. Host a DIY flower crown station for some summer fun—you can even encourage people to wear them to the wedding! Provide pretty fabric flowers, luxe craft paper, or fresh blooms and watch as your guests create their own customized, beautiful hair accessories.


Sparkly Bracelet-Making

Who doesn’t love sparkle? Give guests something pretty to wear to the wedding with a DIY bracelet-making station. A bit of filament, some jewelry findings, a few crystal beads, and voilà! You’ll have personalized, take-home favors that every person will love—because she made it herself.


Want more ideas? Visit our Pinterest board Always a Bridesmaid for amazing bridal shower inspiration. Share your favorites!

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