10 Headpieces for Your Fairy-Tale Princess Wedding


“…let down your veil!” 

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Did you grow up watching princess movies? After trials, misunderstandings, and often moral peril, the happy couple finally end up together—and all of us watching get those warm, fuzzy feelings that come from believing in true love.

Princess-style weddings are naturally sentimental and lovely. The incredible beauty of overcoming all obstacles for true love touches the core of what relationships are about. Not to mention, the traditional attire of royalty—long skirts, tiaras, and sparkling accessories—is perfect for a bridal ensemble!

Celebrate your own love story by styling a graceful ensemble worthy of a fairy-tale. Check out this hand-picked selection of beautiful accessories we think you’ll adore.

Diamond in the Rough



We all know that true beauty lies within. That doesn’t mean you can’t style a glamorous, exotic wedding look! Lavish your locks with a glittering tiara like style 6698. Studded with twinkling rhinestones and crystals, this lovely statement piece pairs wonderfully with a dramatic veil.

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Bookish Beauty



The best love grows out of friendship. Celebrate your relationship with a sweet, vintage-inspired look sure to turn heads. Style 6675 is a beautifully decorated tie headband glittering with rhinestones. This radiant accent may be worn as a belt or paired with a veil for unique ensemble.

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Melting Hearts



Every relationship includes a circle of supportive family and friends. Celebrate your special day with a beautiful tie headband that is perfect for you or your bridesmaids! Sparkling style 6610 transforms your look with glittering, linked oval rhinestones and graceful pearls. Wear it alone or with a veil.

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True Love’s Kiss



Sometimes you find love when you least expect it. Style your free-spirited, boho-chic wedding with a beautiful, nature-inspired headband 6683. This glittering piece features tiny rhinestone flowers and gilded metallic leaves, and may be worn in silver or gold.

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Enchanted Dreams



Love is an adventure, don’t you think? Crown your hair with lovely organza flowers and glittering rhinestone accents for a sweet, romantic bridal ensemble 6551. This tie headband may be styled to the front or in the back, with or without a veil.

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Eternal Rose



True love endures all trials. Add classic elegance to your bridal ensemble with a timeless tiara like 6210. Wrought in stunning filigree and glittering with rhinestones, this gorgeous headpiece shines with everlasting beauty. This design is available in either silver or rose gold.

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Southern Charm



Love is a gift worth celebrating. Create a personalized look for your special day with style 6632. Incorporating crystals, rhinestones, faux pearls, and metallic leaves, this weaving tie headband adds unforgettable charm to your wedding day ensemble.

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Midnight Magic



True love is utterly enchanting. Bring your dream wedding to life with a gorgeous tiara. Sparkling with brilliant crystals and rhinestones, this fairy-tale headpiece crowns your ensemble with dreamy beauty 6627. Wear it with a veil or embroidered belt to complete your look.

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Heart of the Sea



The heart knows what it wants. Style a gorgeous, beachy look with a lovely pearl-studded headband 6531. Featuring faux pearl flowers, glittering rhinestones, and luminous crystals, this lovely bit of hair jewelry sparkles like a lost treasure. Add a veil with scattered pearls to complete your ensemble.

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Rarest Flower



Love takes courage and blooms in its own time. Style 6605 is all about the pretty little details, featuring a delicate array of miniature flowers sparkling with brilliant crystals. Style a unique look by pairing this nature-inspired design with a flowing veil or dainty jewelry.

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