10 Things To Be Thankful For On Your Wedding Day


You’ll spend months planning for the big day, but you won’t believe how quickly the ceremony and reception will fly by! In the spirit of Thanksgiving, remember to stop, smell the roses, and enjoy these 10 things when the time comes to say “I do.”

The Weather

Good or bad, the weather will impact your special day. Sunshine adds a cheerful glow to your photos—rain is good luck! Have fun and make the most of the season in which you marry.

Your Best Girl

This might be your maid of honor, a close relative, or a cherished friend. When there’s a last-minute crisis, she’s there for you. Let her know you appreciate her support!


Delicious Food

You specially planned out the whole menu. Enjoy it! Whatever meal you serve at your wedding will always have a special place in your heart (or perhaps your stomach).

The Bar

Whether you need to drown out embarrassing comments from relatives or just want to have a good time, relaxing with a few drinks is a well-earned privilege of the bride and groom.


Your Grandparents

If they hadn’t fallen in love, your parents wouldn’t have been born (and neither would you). Be thankful for them, wherever they are; they made your story possible.

Tasty Treats 

Your wedding cake is a big deal! Unless you don’t like cake, in which case the lovely little goodies you serve instead will provide a much-needed sugar rush during the reception.


Hired Help

From the wedding planner to the photographer, everyone who takes part in your wedding relieves you of responsibility. The less you have to handle the day of, the more you can enjoy getting married!

Your Parents

They helped shape you as a person and taught you how to recognize a good partner. Take an opportunity to thank them for all the wonderful things they’ve done in your life.

The Guests

Your friends have played nearly as important a role in your life as your family. It’s a blessing to have people you care about there to watch you say “I do” to a new future.

Your Groom

Above all, be grateful that you found true love—not everyone is so lucky! It is a rare and beautiful thing to cultivate a relationship like yours. Cherish it with all your heart.


Tell us, what are you thankful for?

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