6 New Year’s Resolutions Every Bride Should Keep


Do you have goals for the New Year? If you’re getting married, you should be making—and keeping—these six resolutions.

Try on Your Dress

Once you have received your gown, you should have a fitting appointment. It’s important to try your dress on before and after alterations to ensure a proper fit. Try it on at home, too—just to make sure the undergarments are comfortable (or at least working) with the dress. Take care that your gown is stored properly before the big day, and ask your MOH or MOB to carry spare pins and/or thread, just in case all that dancing pops a zipper or seam.

Choose Accessories

Have fun choosing a look that goes with your personality and theme! From sparkly hair jewelry to glittering headbands, your accessories complete your look and make the wedding feel like yours. Prep your bridal ensemble with a small case of everything you’ll wear—including shoes, combs, pins, jewelry, the veil, garters, etc. Bring emergency toiletries and extra makeup. Hang your veil 2–3 days ahead so any wrinkles will fall out (do not iron it) and bring a cute shawl or sweater for the evening.

Kiss Often

In the middle of wedding planning, remember that your wedding is essentially a celebration of love. Connect with your fiancé and stay happy—do things to alleviate stress! If planning the wedding puts a strain on your relationship, examine what you could be doing better. Learn how to best communicate, and appreciate each other’s strengths and weaknesses throughout the process. Even if nothing goes as planned, so long as you marry the person you love, everything has worked out fine.

Commit to Wellness

Plenty of brides start a fitness routine or diet to prep for the big day, but how many actually stick with it—or can maintain the results? Wellness is about practicing healthy habits that will keep you physically and mentally fit. Balance your life, do exercise that you’ll enjoy, avoid crash diets, and celebrate your progress. Incorporate positive changes that will make you a happier and healthier person as a whole—so when you walk down the aisle, you’ll be looking and feeling your best.


Celebrate Being a Bride

Many people only get married once—if at all. You’re in the wonderful position of knowing that your partner is committing to a lifetime with you. Cherish this time and enjoy being engaged! Celebrate with all the cheesy bridal traditions that you like. Go to parties. Take selfies with your ring. Plan an engagement photo shoot. Talk about your future together. Try on white dresses. Obsess over flowers and all things sparkly! You’re the bride, and this is your moment.

Nurture Your Friendships

What is more important: planning your dream wedding, or laying the foundation for a happy life? We’ve all heard stories of women who are so demanding that even their best friends no longer want to stick around. So if you feel unsupported or stressed, take a deep breath and try a new approach. Be gracious and flexible. Appreciate others. Spend some time with friends without talking about the wedding. This event only lasts a day or weekend; your family and friends are forever.


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