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(via Jennifer Fujikawa Photography for Bel Aire Bridal – Style 6110)

We headed down to a local dance studio with our hearts set on capturing all the romance, grace, and beauty that comes from styling a blush photo inspiration shoot! With gorgeous gowns by Truvelle bridal, we paired up a variety of glittering headpieces and dreamy veils. The result? Absolute perfection.

If you’re choosing a blush gown for your wedding or reception, scroll down to check out some gorgeous styling ideas. The rose gold sequin and soft lace dresses created opportunities for two very different looks, and both left us absolutely smitten.


(via Jennifer Fujikawa Photography for Bel Aire Bridal – Style 6110)

First, we styled side-swept loose curls, featuring a gorgeous rhinestone headband glittering with tiny metallic leaves and flowers. Style 6110 is so easy to wear, creating a look of effortless beauty.


(via Jennifer Fujikawa Photography for Bel Aire Bridal – Style 6524)

Next, we turned our attention to a more minimalist look. If you want just a subtle hint of sparkle, we recommend a narrow hair vine such as 6524. This nature-inspired piece adds the lightest, most delicate touch to any hairstyle and coordinates beautifully with a garden-inspired or boho-chic look.

If vines aren’t your style, check out a narrow headband such as 6040 or 6388. This vintage-inspired pieces are simply stunning and can be worn at a bridal shower or engagement party, too!


(via Jennifer Fujikawa Photography for Bel Aire Bridal – Style 6525)

Florals are hugely popular this year, and there’s nothing lovelier than a soft organza flower headpiece with sparkling rhinestone accents. Style 6525 combines the best of both worlds and looks absolutely dreamy with an already-romantic lace gown.


It helps to have the big picture in mind when you’re planning your accessories. Are you going for a stunning and glamorous look, with sequins and bold jewelry? Are you a lace and veil type girl? Choose your headpiece to enhance your personal style!


In this case, we paired a simple beaded blush headband 8662 with Truvelle’s sparkling sequin-dipped gown for an eye-catching, modern bride. For the more classic girl putting a spin on tradition, the plunging lace v-neck gown grows exponentially more feminine with a sweet floral headpiece and simple organza-lined veil. Whether you’re dancing the night away in a reception hall (or in this case, a ballerina’s dance studio) or saying “I do” at the beach, these versatile looks are straight out of a dream.

Tell us, which combo is your favorite? How will you style your hair and accessories for the big day?

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How To Personalize Your Look


(via Jennifer Fujikawa Photography for Bel Aire Bridal)

Your bridal look is so much more than a white dress. The accessories you choose create a total ensemble that expresses your personality in the most beautiful way. Belts, bracelets, earrings, and headpieces create a magical feeling of elegance that makes your wedding wardrobe feel truly special.

With that in mind, we are so excited to showcase some of our most enchanting bits of sparkly. With rhinestone-encrusted bridal combs and glittering bracelets, this pretty, posh selection evokes a theme of opulent glamour. Scroll to discover your favorites!


(via Jennifer Fujikawa Photography for Bel Aire Bridal)


(via Jennifer Fujikawa Photography for Bel Aire Bridal – Style 6503)

There’s something so charmingly graceful about these old-world style rhodium designs. Swirls and curls and glittering round rhinestones create a dazzling accent for a soft lace dress or ethereal tulle ball gown.


(via Jennifer Fujikawa Photography for Bel Aire Bridal – Style 6407)

If you’re the bride seeking a touch of sparkle for her lovely locks, this stunning hair jewelry combines silver leaves and dramatic rhinestone accents in a totally boho-chic design.


(via Jennifer Fujikawa Photography for Bel Aire Bridal – Style BC141)

Slip a pretty, nature-inspired design onto your wrist for those close-up bouquet shots. A bit of bling adds unexpected beauty.


(via Jennifer Fujikawa Photography for Bel Aire Bridal – Style 1965)

Feel beautiful and feminine on the big day wearing a soft feather and organza flower in your hair. Lustrous pearls and sparkling rhinestones add a touch of glamour to this sweet accent piece.

CY9A2934(via Jennifer Fujikawa Photography for Bel Aire Bridal)

Tell us, how will you personalize your bridal look?

Check out our My Bridal Style pages for more inspiration on the theme that best expresses your style, and feel free to peruse our latest collection for more eye-catching and utterly romantic designs.

Product Spotlight: Cathedral Veil V7176C

(via Roma Bea Images for Bel Aire Bridal)

Elegantly embroidered and beaded scalloped edge veil

A cathedral veil is traditional for many religious weddings; however, it is also one of the most stunningly romantic accessories a bride can choose for her big day! Gorgeous and graceful, cathedrals add dramatic wedding-day allure; there’s no other occasion in life that calls for such a long veil. Modern veils range from ethereal, cut-edge styles that float like wisps of cloud to luxuriously embellished statement pieces. Pearls, rhinestones, embroidery, lace, and crystals decorate many types of veils—but turn the most heads on an eye-catching cathedral.

Our features lavish silver embroidered flowers with a delicate, scalloped beaded edge. Silver bugle beads, tiny rhinestones, and miniature pearls infuse this design with uncommonly detailed beauty.

Style Me
Elegant brides seeking an extravagant yet feminine look will love the sweeping beauty of V7176C. Gracefully balancing modern design with old-fashioned motifs, this elaborate style embellishes a plain gown or frames an already-stunning dress with decadence to match.
V7176C suggests a tone of luxury. Coordinated with sumptuous accessories, it completes a theme of regal elegance. When enhancing a simpler look, however, this veil takes the spotlight. Classically bridal, the floral design complements plain or embroidered gowns and understated jewelry.

(via Roma Bea Images for Bel Aire Bridal)

Match Me
This cathedral veil is best paired with a gown featuring a long train. We love this piece coordinated with a sparkling rhinestone or beaded belt like BT010 or a floral belt such as BT040.

While this veil may be worn alone as a statement, a touch of sparkle gorgeously complements your whole look. We recommend pinning a small accent underneath in your hairstyle, or wearing a headpiece after you remove the veil for your reception! Cathedral veils are most appropriate for your walk down the aisle and photos, though you may bustle them for the after-party.

My Perfect Wedding
Formal, feminine brides will be drawn to V7176C, while brides styling more casual looks will find less-embellished designs more attractive. This elaborate veil best complements an elegant theme.

(via Roma Bea Images for Bel Aire Bridal)

Love This Look
Love this design and want to see similar accessories?

Check out the Cathedral Veils section on our website for more heart-fluttering styles!

Pretty in Pearls

(via Shutterstock)

Did you know that in some cultures brides are afraid to wear pearls? The shape of these beautiful, natural gems is said to represent a tear.
We think pearls must represent tears of joy—pearl accents look especially gorgeous in bridal ensembles! Lace gowns and dresses with embellished backs are particularly stunning with pearls, which give your outfit a delicate, feminine glow. In fact, many gown designers incorporate either real or imitation pearls (made from crystal) into beaded and embroidered dresses. Check out our most popular pearl headpieces, veils, and jewelry to enhance your special day.

(via Jennifer Fujikawa Photography for Bel Aire Bridal)

Lustrous Pearl Headpieces
A charming pearl headpiece transforms your bridal ensemble with natural beauty. Whether you have your heart set on a destination wedding, rustic celebration, or elegant ceremony, you can add pearls for a touch of extra romance.
Wind a lovely pearl or crystal vine through your bridal locks or wear it as a boho-chic halo; tuck a pretty pearl comb into your updo; or flaunt a pearl and rhinestone headband for a sweet touch of vintage-inspired style. So many options for one day—choose more than one so you have a bridal accessory to wear for your engagement party, bridal shower, reception, and honeymoon!

6510 – Halo of pearl filigree motifs  (Shown above)

Bursting with lustrous pearls and shimmering rhinestones, a glittering halo encircles your locks with modern elegance. Fashioned with enchanting pearl flowers floating on silver filigree, this rhinestone-encrusted design will enchant your groom and enrich your wedding photos.

(via Jennifer Fujikawa Photography for Bel Aire Bridal)

Stunning Pearl Veils
Nothing says bride like a veil. Complement your pearl headpiece or jewelry with the ultimate wedding-day accessory. Our designs include styles with tiny pearl dots, beaded and pearl embellished edges, embroidered designs enhanced with pearls, and cascading pearl beauties with multiple layers. Find a veil that makes your heart flutter!

V7253Pearl-dotted cascade veil (shown above)

A lavish cloud of tulle cascades down your shoulders to fingertip length, this gorgeous 1-tier design dotted with soft pearls makes a beautiful bridal statement. Frame your silhouette with feminine charm while perfectly matching pearl jewelry or accents on your gown.

(via Jennifer Fujikawa Photography for Bel Aire Bridal)

Sparkling Pearl Jewelry
Touch up your bridal ensemble with a beautiful pearl and rhinestone bracelet, elegant earrings, or a snazzy jewelry set. Though you may or may not have picked out your engagement ring, you can choose which accessories you’ll wear for the wedding!
We recommend selecting special jewelry that you’d love to wear over again—and every time you do, you’ll think of all the wonderful memories from your wedding day. From trendy stretch bracelets to graceful chandelier earrings, we have a style for you—discover your favorite!

BC144 – Pearl and rhinestone stretch bracelet (shown above)

An easy-wear treasure, this glamorous stretch bracelet features dazzling rhinestones and lustrous pearls for a stylish embellishment! Perfect for matching jewelry or coordinating with a veil, this glam accent glitters with bridal bliss!

(via Shutterstock)

♥ To view more pearl styles visit:

Brief History of The Wedding Veil

(via Roma Bea Images for Bel Aire Bridal – Style 6251)

Wondering whether or not you should wear a veil for your wedding day? As it stands now, the veil is a fashion statement. Whether or not you’d like to wear one is entirely personal preference.

However, people often believe the bridal veil symbolizes something—because throughout the ages, various cultures have attached religious or social meanings to it. We’ll cover the most well-known connotations of wedding veils—from protection against evil to a display of extravagance!

Protection Against Evil

In Ancient Greece and Rome, the veil was originally flame-colored to scare off evil spirits. Many works of literature cite the veil as a source of protection—and since veils, hats and scarves have historically been used in defense against sun, wind, exposure, or even mosquitoes, this isn’t too much of a stretch.

Many wedding traditions have developed out of efforts to protect the bride. A few (such as the bride standing to the groom’s left, so his sword hand is free) were aimed at shielding her from being kidnapped by other suitors. Most practices, however, protected the bride against evil spirits that might be lurking under the floorboards or waiting to attack during the wedding. Even today, Middle Eastern brides still paint themselves with henna to avoid the Evil Eye.

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Best Ways to Make Your Wedding Eco-Friendly

(via Shutterstock)

Do you know what the term “sustainability” means?

Do you turn off your lights, avoid running your sprinklers too much, and conserve heat during the winter? If you volunteer every Earth Day, you probably already know how to make sure your wedding day doesn’t trash the environment. Weddings consume lots of resources. You can minimize your impact with a few simple, strategic choices—from your invitations to your favors, every little bit counts!

Read on to find out how to plan a gorgeous celebration that supports environmental wellness.

Paperless Invitations

This one’s easy: paper comes from trees. The less paper you use, the fewer trees you chop down. This might seem minor, but consider that thousands of brides tie the knot every year—and each couple invites anywhere from one to hundreds of guests.

Go digital for your save-the-dates and wedding invitations, and you’ll help save whole forests. If you feel compelled to use a paper invitation, get one made from recycled paper and encourage your guests to recycle it again. Some businesses sell invitations that may be re-used as magnets or bookmarks.

Green Venue

Check out your venue’s environmental practices. Does it use natural gas heating? Does it use solar panels or have an environmentally-friendly building design? Is the location in a protected forest area or park, or do the proceeds go to support green spaces? Does the venue compost and recycle their waste? If you’re getting married in a garden, do they use pesticides or grow plants that will support pollinators? Ask these questions when booking; if you get a blank stare, look elsewhere.

Recycled Decorations

Remember the three R’s—reuse, reduce, recycle? Look for wedding decorations at thrift stores, antique shops, or sites such as Once Wed, so you’re not buying all your materials new. If you do happen to host a bohemian or vintage-style wedding, you can use old bottles for table toppers. You can also choose compostable utensils or cut down on waste by using dishes instead of throwing paper plates away.

Vintage Gowns

Terms to search for include “upcycled,” “vintage,” and “used.” You can go on Once Wed and other bridal dress sites to look for wedding gowns that have only been worn once—or, in some cases, not at all! This saves material and is a cheaper option than buying a brand-new dress. After all, why let such beauty go to waste? Go to a dry cleaner (that uses environmentally-friendly techniques) and you’re all set!

If you have your heart set on a new dress, you can also choose a company that sources organic fabrics and/or employs practices that are good for the environment. Consider doing the same for your bridesmaids’ dresses, too!

Seasonal, local flowers

Buy local, seasonal flowers for your decorations and bouquet. Source your flowers from a local, organic farm and choose varieties currently in bloom. Not only will this help cut costs, but you will do the environment a favor by supporting a business that does not use pesticides. You can also use succulents in your bouquet, as these desert plants need little water and can be re-planted!

Ethical Jewelry

Look for fair trade, conflict-free jewelry for your wedding. Consider these factors when choosing your engagement and wedding rings, too! Some jewelers even use recycled metals and craft designs from vintage pieces. Many companies also donate a portion of their profits to charities and community organizations! Seek them out and celebrate good causes as you commence your new marriage.


Remember, every choice counts; even one positive decision you make can help the environment! You’ve already taken the first step by reading this article; now have fun planning an eco-friendly and beautiful celebration.

What are your favorite tips for hosting an environmentally-conscious wedding? Let us know!

Style Spotlight: Fabulous French Net

(via KLK Photography for Bel Aire Bridal)

Flirt with chic style on your big day by wearing a gorgeous French net headpiece. A net or birdcage veil is versatile, trendy, and utterly fabulous. From elegant ceremonies to carefree receptions, we’ll cover exactly how you can enjoy wearing French net on your wedding day!

Blending traditional vintage fashion with modern allure, headpiece 6442 offers the perfect alternative to a long veil. Three soft flowers with sparkling rhinestone centers top off a French net face veil in a stunning statement of bridal style.

How to Wear Me

A French net veil looks beautiful styled in a number of ways. You can wear it angled over your forehead and eyes, style it full over your face, wear it further back on top of your head, or even flip it so the netting drapes backwards over your hair! Try out different looks to discover the one you like best.
Most French net veils come on combs, though some can be clipped into your hair. You can pair plain French net with your favorite headpiece, or find a design that incorporates both!

(via Shutterstock)

How to Match Me

French net pairs beautifully with glamorous jewelry. Long earrings look particularly good if you want to highlight a favorite pair; or you can wear studs and focus the attention on a stunning necklace. This type of veil is so minimal that it naturally draws attention to your gown and other accessories.

For oh-so-chic Parisian style, snazz up your ensemble with dramatic chandelier earrings such as EA218 or elegant drops like EA212; to create a look of stunning vintage elegance, wear a red lip with classic jewelry like BC134 or BC131.
If you prefer a more casual bridal outfit, flip the veil back or wear it for a fun reception piece! Because it is so light and may be worn at the court house or on the beach, you can customize French net according to your personal style.

My Perfect Wedding

Go vintage. Feel elegant! Be completely carefree.
A French net veil may be worn to accent a variety of wedding themes. This type of veil is popular for vintage-inspired weddings evoking fashions from the 1920s–1950s, but may also be styled to express trendy, minimalistic beauty.
This veil type gives off a vintage vibe with tea-length or knee-length dresses, yet appears hot-off-the-runway fresh when paired with long, full-skirted gowns. Slender sheath silhouettes or light dresses work perfectly with French net.

One of the best things about French net is that it looks amazing in any season! Be chic in a ball gown for an elegant winter wedding, romantic with floral accessories in the spring, casually beautiful for an outdoor autumn ceremony, or free-spirited at a beach or destination wedding.
Getting married again and want to skip a long veil? This lovely style is perfect for a vow renewal or second wedding.

Love This Look

Love this design and want to see similar veils? Check out the French Net & Face Veils section of our website for more fabulous and vintage-inspired styles!

Bouquet & Boutonniere Beauty

We’re happy to celebrate the first day of spring with some pretty eye-candy for all you spring and summer brides. Check out our Beautiful Blooms and Style My Groom Pinterest boards for even more inspiration. Enjoy!

Blush Romance

(via Shutterstock)

For heart-fluttering, feminine, and gorgeously simple bouquets, check out these lush beauties. Light pink peonies or roses go hand in hand with blush gowns and romantic accessories. Mix them with white flowers or go monochromatic to express a theme of total love.

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Cathedral Veils

White Elegance

(via Shutterstock)

There’s something timelessly elegant about white blooms. Whether you’re celebrating a black or white tie affair with chic roses or a lighthearted ceremony with sweet baby’s breath, this gorgeous color scheme says “wedding” with panache. This is a perfect choice if you want to enjoy floral beauty without an overabundance of distracting colors or patterns.

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Lace Veils

Pretty in Pastel

(via Shutterstock)

Blooms in pastel hues create a dreamy accent to complement your bridal gown. Collect spring flowers in light peach, misty blue, soft lavender, and mint green for a beautiful palette. Mix your favorites in a meaningful bouquet that will coordinate with your groom’s attire or bridesmaids’ gowns.

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Classic Veils

Color Pop

(via Shutterstock)

If you’ve got flair, coordinate a dramatic bouquet bursting with color. This is an easy, beautiful way to infuse some fun into the big day! Go with seasonal shades or weave in your favorite colors for a look that is totally you. Daisies, sunflowers, and other bold flowers look great in summer weddings.

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Beaded Veils

Which look is your favorite? Let us know!

Classic Veils & Memorable Moments

Why do brides wear veils? Apart from historical symbolism, this pretty bit of tulle has become an iconic part of a wedding wardrobe. At Bel Aire Bridal, we believe that every bride can personalize her ensemble with the right accessories. So the real question is, what type of veil should you wear?

We make everything from simple ribbon edge veils to elaborate cathedrals with lace. Once you’ve chosen your dress and venue, choosing a veil is fairly straightforward—just find one that matches! Today, we’re highlighting a few of our most popular classic, romantic, and glamorous veils.

 V7251: Lady In Lace

photo 1

Top off your spring or summer wedding with a light, feminine accent.
A single tier (layer) veil that drifts down to waltz length, this design includes a simple rolled edge with embroidered lace appliqués. Classy yet contemporary, this pretty style perfectly complements a lace gown or blush dress. Style it with floral accessories or bohemian jewelry! This particular length of veil goes well with a fit and flare silhouette.

V7257: Simply Gorgeous

photo 3

Sometimes the best solution is the simplest one.
A rolled edge cascading veil that flows to fingertip length, this graceful design adds bridal beauty and nothing more. Want to jazz up your ensemble a bit? You can add a fancy belt or luxurious jewelry, or even style an elaborate hairstyle. This easy-to-style veil leaves room for plenty of other accessories.

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Style Spotlight: Shimmering Veil V7141

(via Bel Aire Bridal – Style V7141)

Pretty silver bead and rhinestone trimmed elbow length veil

If you want to look gorgeous on your big day without overdoing it, V7141 beautifully rises to the occasion.A silver bugle bead edge veil with tiny, shimmering rhinestones gracefully unlocks your bridal beauty. With just a touch of sparkle, this single-tier elbow veil hints at classic elegance and glamour. One of our most versatile veils, V7141 may dress up a moderate ensemble or provide the final accent to an already stunning look.

Style Me

With generous silver bugle beads and tiny, twinkling rhinestones, V7141 lightly complements a variety of wedding themes with its beautiful, intricate detail. This gently curving veil drifts over your shoulders and hangs to around the waist, providing the ultimate touch of bridal magic.

(via Bel Aire Bridal – Style 6514)

Match Me

An elbow length veil is easy to wear and floats down to waist length, pairing best with a full ball gown or A-line dress. This delicate veil stops right where the skirt starts, balancing your silhouette.

You can match V7141 with a variety of intricately embellished belts, shimmering rhinestone headpieces, or beaded headbands. Add enchanting allure to your look by finding the perfect accent for your reception! We recommend taking a peek at style 6514—a romantic filigree headband studded with sparkling rhinestones.

My Perfect Wedding

Modern brides will love the understated elegance of V7141. The light beading enhances so many different ensembles: seamlessly complement a beaded gown, add sparkle to a simple dress, or gorgeously top off an elaborate ball gown. The choice is yours!

This veil is ideal for both indoor and outdoor weddings; the moderate length provides a nice bridal touch that may be played up or toned down, depending on the jewelry you select.

Love This Look

Love this design and want to see similar veils? Check out the Beaded Veils section on our website for more sparkly styles!