Style My Bridesmaids


Choosing a wedding day theme is like picking ice cream on a hot day—they all look incredible!

Your wedding aesthetic reflects who you are, both as individuals and as a couple. Maybe you both love vintage styles; or perhaps he is rugged and you’re glamorous (enter the glamping wedding).

When you choose your bridesmaids’ outfits, keep in mind that this is so much more than an opportunity to play dress-up with your girlfriends! Their gown designs and accessories should not only make them feel comfortable (and pretty), but reflect your overall mood.

Gift your bridesmaids with accessories that will honor your friendship, say thank-you for all their support, and tie together your wedding theme with incredible beauty.

If You’re a Glam Girl


If you’re a glamorous bride, your designer dress is stunning. It may be sleek and shimmering with sequins; it might be a gorgeous mermaid dress or a princess-inspired ball gown. Your jewelry will be formal. Amazing shoes are a must, and your veil is drop-dead gorgeous.


To tie together your glamorous theme, lay on the sparkle! For example, a shimmering opal rhinestone headband like 6603 for you goes beautifully with a smaller comb like 6617 for your friends.

Other sparkly options for your maids: 6543, 1978, and 1710

Want more inspiration? Check out our My Bridal Style: Glamorous page.

If You’re Vintage-tastic


If you’re a vintage bride, you’re probably rocking a red lip or a birdcage veil. Long lace sleeves, a high neckline, or a cute tea-length number set the stage for a charming ceremony! Your reception style incorporates more sparkle, complete with a beaded jazz-era gown and shimmering accessories.


Complement your vintage-inspired accessories with similar styles for your bridesmaids, just on a smaller scale. For example, our Art Deco headpiece 6400 dovetails nicely with glittering comb 6405.

Other vintage options for your maids: 6607, 6390, and 1721

Want more inspiration? Check out our My Bridal Style: Vintage page.

If You’re Oh-So-Boho


Laid-back yet chic, a bohemian style is perfect for summer! Breezy gowns and unique accessories are the hallmarks of free-spirited boho beauty. You’ve chosen comfortable outfits for your wedding weekend bash. You enjoy color, and your accessories include anything and everything that feels right to you.

Style your bridesmaids with halos or flower clips that mimic the style you’ve chosen for yourself. For the perfect blend of pretty, match a flexible headpiece style like 6542 with a wired comb like 6544.

Other bohemian options for your maids: 6505, 6629, and 1723

Want more inspiration? Check out our My Bridal Style: Destination and My Bridal Style: Bohemian pages.

If You’re a Whimsical Romantic


You love flowers, so of course you’re getting married in a garden! Your dress and veil feature soft tulle or beautifully elaborate lace; your sparkling, feminine accessories are nothing short of stunning. Your bridesmaids are probably dressed in soft pastels or floral prints.


Complement your own floral headpiece with a smaller-scale version for your maids. For example, if you’re wearing a lovely flower comb like 6600, match it with pins 1720.

Other romantic options for your maids: 6680, 1718, and 6699

Want more inspiration? Check out our My Bridal Style: Romantic page.

If You’re Keeping It Classy


Your look is timeless and simple, which is what makes it so perfect. Your natural beauty takes center stage, and you don’t need a lot of accessories or trims. The gown and veil you’ve chosen are elegant and minimalistic. Your wedding is focused on celebrating your marriage, and nothing more.

Accessorize your bridesmaids with classic pearls that they can wear again after the wedding! Our rhinestone and pearl bridal headband 6640 pairs beautifully with pins 1722.

Other classic options for your maids: 1710, 6540, and 6483

Want more inspiration? Check out our My Bridal Style: Classic page.

If You’re All About Trends


If you’re a trendy bride, your look is totally modern. You want your wedding to be of-the-moment, with all the latest bits of pretty that runway fashions and independent designers can deliver! From celeb-inspired veils to stunning new accessories, your style is all about keeping it fresh.

Boho-luxe and princess-style gowns are in right now; delicate, sparkling accessories pair best with these romantic styles. Complement a flexible opal rhinestone hair vine like 6628 with matching pins 1717.

Other trendy options for your maids: 6690, 6564, and 6467

Want more inspiration? Check out our My Bridal Style: Trendy page.


These are just a few pairing suggestions. You can also let each person choose her own headpiece, or mix and match different styles! If you want to include your bridesmaids in the decision, find a Bel Aire Bridal Trunk Show at your nearest authorized bridal salon and play with all our prettiest headpieces in person. Have fun!

Style the Perfect Camping Chic Bridal Ensemble

What do you need for a glamping bridal ensemble besides a plaid shirt and hiking boots? Incredible accessories, of course!

When you’re headed to the lake, mountains, or woods, you should style your outfit with stunning hair accessories that vibe with your theme. The trick is to select a design that will be elegant and eye-catching without adding too much formality.

So kick back, grab a cup of hot cocoa, and check out our top six suggestions for creating a beautiful camping chic bridal ensemble.

#1: Gilded Leaf Headband


Add understated glamour to your bridal outfit with a metallic leaf headband like 6683. Gold or silver rhinestone-encrusted leaves dress up your hair with stunning shimmer. Beautiful without looking too frilly, this natural design is perfect for the ceremony, reception, and beyond.

#2: Antique Metal Flowers


Want your wedding to have a slightly vintage feel? Style 6687 combines a trio of beautiful antique metal flowers in silver or gold with vintage-inspired rhinestone accents. Bold and wild, this captivating boho-chic design creates an enchanting accent for a woodland wedding.

#3: Twinkly Bohemian Halo


Maybe your idea of a perfect wedding includes a campfire reception and star-gazing. Light up your locks with celestial luminescence wearing twinkly bohemian chain halo 6502. Composed of glittering rhinestones, this design adds beautiful starlit sparkle and will make you feel like you’re over the moon.

#4: Dramatic Floral Wreath


Flower wreaths aren’t just for garden parties. For a wilt-free design that will last as a romantic keepsake, a fabric flower halo like 6650 is the best way to go! Blooming roses with glittering rhinestone centers and natural-looking leaves create the perfect summer bridal headpiece.

#5: Stunning Rhinestone Halo


Give your ensemble a glamorous twist with a glittering halo like style 6500. Sparkling rhinestones set in beautiful silver filigree encircle your hair in a modern take on the bridal garland. Wear it with a foldover veil for a romantic ceremony, or style it alone for an eye-catching reception piece.

#6: Delicate Hair Vine


Want to look effortlessly beautiful? For just the lightest suggestion of sparkle, flexible vine 6642 is the perfect choice. Winding metallic vines with delicate rhinestone sprays make you look like you’re wearing shimmering dewdrops in your hair. This whimsical design ties in the back on organza.


Are you planning a woodland, glamping, or camping chic wedding? Follow us on Instagram for bridal styling options, and check out our Pinterest boards for ideas!

Want to see more gorgeous accessories? Feel free to browse our My Bridal Style: Bohemian and Fall 2016 Collection pages to find the perfect finishing touch.

4 Spectacular Couple’s Activities for July 4th


Want to hang out with your SO on Independence Day? Since this holiday celebrates the birth of our country, it’s natural to spend time with family, barbecue, and watch aliens get blown up by Earth’s combined military forces.

Include your other half in the festivities with activities that you can do alone or with family! Whether you want to plan an uber-romantic proposal or just a fun date for the day, we’ve got you covered.


Play with Fireworks

Lots of people play with fireworks on the Fourth of July, but how many get amazing photos? Hire a photographer and head to an area that allows fireworks. You can use sparklers to write your names, draw hearts, and make amazing shapes that will show up on film. This activity is super fun and creates fantastic engagement photos.


Attend a Fair

Most cities host 4th of July fireworks, craft booths, food festivals, or fairs. Find out what is in your area and make a day of it! Go out together and enjoy the ice cream, pie contests, barbecue style food, and shopping. When you start to wind down, grab a blanket and a good spot to see your city’s nighttime fireworks display.

Americans-000034445254_Medium.jpgGrab a Show

Tired of the same fireworks year after year? Raise the bar and head to a new venue! To keep it casual, you can check out an amphitheater, sports arena, or outdoor space that sets off fireworks with patriotic music. For a more sophisticated twist, buy tickets to the opera or orchestra for a high-class night out.


Give Some Bling

Are you ready to declare your independence from the single life, and join the happily engaged crowd? Once the fireworks start shooting off, cuddle up with your sweetie and enjoy the show. Then, for the grand finale, pull out the ring and pop the question! Make sure you hire a professional to take the photos, so you get everything from her reaction to the fireworks in clear, perfect detail.


Need more romantic ideas? Check out our blog 5 Hot Summer Date Ideas for Couples. Planning a 4th of July wedding? Visit our Pinterest boards for inspiration!

5 Cool Irish Wedding Traditions You Can Adopt


Every March 17th, it suddenly seems like everyone you know has Irish heritage somewhere in their family tree. But the rest of us can also appreciate the romantic, historical, and fun traditions that spring from this country’s rich history. Read on for some seriously steal-worthy wedding ideas!

The Claddagh Ring

This one is so romantic, it just had to make the top of our list. The Claddagh ring originated in a small fishing village just outside of Galway and is a symbol of love, loyalty, and friendship. It may be used as a promise ring, wedding band, or anniversary ring and should ideally be given as a gift.

Wear it on your right hand with the point of the heart towards you if you’re in a relationship; with the point facing out if you’re looking for love. Wear it on your left hand with the point towards you if you’re already married; with the point facing out if you’re engaged.

Want more info?


This Celtic tradition is super sweet and gives you something to do besides just reciting your vows. Handfasting literally ties the couple’s hands together, “tying the knot” to symbolize a steadfast commitment to each other. It can be used in a marriage ceremony or for an engagement. Historically, this agreement joined a couple in a probationary relationship; if, after a year and a day, the couple still wanted to be married forever and ever, they could call a priest to make it official.

Want more info?

Irish Drinks

Especially if you’re hosting a St. Patty’s Day wedding, you can give your reception an Irish twist by incorporating traditionally “Irish” drinks such as whiskey, mead, or Guinness. There’s no definite reason why drinking became so popular on St. Patrick’s Day, but the holiday originated from a Catholic feast day honoring the patron saint of Ireland.

Want more info?

Ringing Bells

In many religious traditions, people rang bells at the wedding ceremony to drive away evil spirits. The practice of ringing a small bell arose in Ireland under the Penal Laws, which prohibited Irish Roman Catholics and Protestants from performing services except in private. Newlyweds would keep a bell in the home after the wedding, too, to help mediate arguments and remind them of their wedding vows.

You can hand out cute little bells to your guests for the send-off, which is especially convenient if confetti is not allowed at your venue.

Want more info?;

Lucky Charms

The shamrock is a well-known Irish symbol of luck, initially popularized by St. Patrick to help explain the Trinity. You can use it on your invitations or feature the symbol in your general décor.

The horseshoe is another token traditionally carried by the bride on her walk down the aisle. Brides in ages past held an iron horseshoe that was later mounted on the wall of her home for good fortune; modern brides often choose porcelain horseshoes or wear silver charms.

Want more info?


5 Must-Have Southern Wedding Traditions


It’s party time and we’re pulling out our green, gold, and purple! Take a look at these beautiful and fun Southern traditions—you might just want to use these ideas for your wedding and/or reception, whether it’s Mardi Gras or not!


Pretty Parasols

Southern weddings often incorporate parasols, since outdoor weddings are so popular. They’re practical (keeping you out of the sun) and utterly charming. Decorate yours with beads, feathers, glitter, decals, or lace. Bonus: your guy gets a black one, too! They’re perfect for a Second Line (this looks SO fun) or a money dance.


Flashy Feathers

Feathers make everything more fabulous! While you don’t have to deck your bridal gown with feathers (though some designers do just that), you can incorporate a few fun touches with a dramatic boa, Mardi Gras mask, or shimmering comb! Stick with bridal white or use colors to jazz up your reception look, and enjoy dancing the night away.


Ribbon Pull

This tradition is so cute, we can hardly stand it! Attach charms to long ribbons and stick them in a cake. The bridesmaids pull and everyone checks her fate for the coming year! Common charms include a ring (the next to be married), a star (her dreams will come true), a heart (new love is on the way), a wishbone (success), a clover (good luck), a fleur-de-lis (prosperity), and a wreath (for a happy home).


Southern Snacks

Comfort foods like baked mac n cheese, barbeque, and black-eyed peas will keep guests full and happy—or enjoy Creole-style cuisine with oysters, crawfish, jambalaya, and King’s Cake! These days, signature drinks are a MUST, no matter where you are celebrating. Remember to bury your bourbon a month before the wedding to ward off rain!


Stunning Photography

Amazing photos are something that every bride cherishes after the big day has come and gone. Bridal portraits are a time-honored Southern tradition—and after all, why not have one incredible photo of how you looked for your wedding? Your husband will love this keepsake, too! Take some photos outside to capture the beauty of your venue.


Which traditions are you including in your wedding? Let us know!

A Pairing of Opposites: Rose Quartz & Serenity


Are you ready for the New Year?

Designers, photographers, and bloggers celebrate the Pantone Color of 2016 with trendy products and inspirational stylings.


This year’s tones are Rose Quartz and Serenity—for the first time, juxtaposing two beautiful shades! According to Pantone, these colors “psychologically fulfill our yearnings for reassurance and security… reflecting connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace.”


Rose Quartz is a beautiful blush pink that has long been a bridal favorite. The namesake of this lovely shade is a crystal commonly known as the “love stone” or “heart stone.” It symbolizes unconditional love and is supposed to increase compassion, open your heart to relationships, ease stress, strengthen connections, and boost self-esteem.


Feminine and graceful, blush pink is often featured in dramatic wedding gowns and beautiful floral headpieces. This shade is especially popular in the spring (though it looks great in any season) and pairs best with warm gold jewelry for a romantic ensemble.


Serenity is a soft blue that inspires security and confidence. Tranquil and spiritual, blue is generally a color of trust, honesty, and loyalty. In the world of weddings, “something blue” symbolizes everlasting fidelity. Light blue is a popular shade for winter celebrations and brings balance to spring pastels.


Pair an ethereal blue tulle skirt with a lace top for a cute reception outfit, or choose a smaller color accent like a garter or sash for your something blue. Trendy opal headpieces, silver beaded belts, and soft veils beautifully complement this peaceful hue.

Check out our Pantone—Serenity & Rose Quartz Pinterest board for more gorgeous color inspiration!


Photography: KT Merry

Stylist: Joy Proctor / Kelly Oshiro

Gowns: Samuelle Couture / Alexandra Grecco

Hair / Makeup: Team Hair & Makeup

Location: Sunstone Winery

Accessories: Bel Aire Bridal

4 Easy Ways to Sparkle This New Year’s Eve


Make a splash into 2016 with an amazing look on New Year’s Eve! This is your night to shine, so jazz up your outfit with sparkling accessories.

This romantic styled shoot by Jessica Cooper Photography & Sweet Caroline Styles captures pure glamour and beauty. Make any dress uniquely YOURS with an eye-catching headpiece, belt, bracelet, or earrings.


Attract attention with a gorgeous bit of hair jewelry. Styles like 6478, 6501, 6400, and 6550 add twinkling, vintage-inspired beauty that looks stunning in low light.


Dramatic earrings will complement just about any gown and add instant drama to an updo. Try studs like EA229 for simple sparkle, elegant drops like EA217 for a dash of vintage-inspired glamour, or chandelier earrings like EA218 for over-the-top shine!


A bracelet makes your whole outfit more fun. Wear a classic, dangling style like BC141 to add subtle sparkle; a snazzy, vintage-inspired style like BC134 to make your look more elegant; or a trendy dazzler like BC143 to get your party on!


If you’re wearing a cute little skirt or a dress that needs just a bit more drama, try on a glittering belt. A style like BT029 will go with just about anything! Tie on BT048 for a classy, vintage-inspired accent, or go all-out with a statement piece like BT006.


No matter what combination you choose, you’ll bring a whole new level of sparkle to your outfit!


Remember on NYE… Your significant other is the BEST accessory!

Tell us, how will you style your New Year’s Eve look?

5 Reasons to Have a Christmas Wedding

Couple with red bouquet

‘Tis the season to get married! Tie the knot during this festive time of year for amazing photos and wonderful memories. Here are our five favorite reasons to say I Do to a Christmas wedding!

Cute Proposal Photos & Save the Dates

From ornaments etched with your wedding date to heart-shaped candy canes, the tried and true ways to announce your wedding and personalize the photos are totally heartwarming! Kissing under the mistletoe, wrapping up in blankets, playing outside in the snow, and posing in front of your church are just a few of the romantic and sweet ways to create that extra-special holiday ambiance.

Merry Christmas 2-12.24.2013-1

Bright Centerpieces & Florals

The ways to incorporate wintery touches and seasonal cheer are practically endless. You can use mini Christmas trees, sprigs of holly, or candles to create rustic centerpieces. Strung lights and a glowing fire are totally in place. Evergreen garlands with beautiful red and white poinsettias add a lovely touch of romance. For your bouquet, a green, white, brown, and red color scheme gives you the freedom to select anything from pinecones and succulents to pure red roses or mistletoe.

Holiday-Themed Gifts

There are so many cute ways to commemorate your wedding that beautifully express the joy and spirit of the Christmas season! Give your guests photo ornaments, gloves, snow globes, or holiday mugs to take away from the celebration—they can use them at home! You can also keep friends occupied with activities like decorating cards or making ornaments while you’re taking your family portraits.

Close-up of a young couple wearing knit hats.

Seasonal Goodies

Even though most winter wedding ceremonies and receptions are held indoors, this is the perfect opportunity to indulge in warm comfort foods. Hot drinks, seasonal favorites, peppermint goodies, and rich desserts will keep your guests feeling cozy. Add some fun to your reception with a hot cocoa bar, or let guests customize their cookies! For healthy but hearty options, consider vegan casseroles, mixed nuts, or berry pies.

Snazzy Bridal Accessories

    The holiday season creates the perfect atmosphere for a bit of upscale sparkle and a pop of color. Warm metallics and shimmering sequins are trending this year—Christmas is the perfect time to incorporate a dash of gold, silver, red, or green into your look.

Elegant jewelry, an eye-catching bridal belt, a shimmering headpiece, and a beautiful veil will help you create a totally glamorous ensemble. Gold headpieces and intricately beaded belts have been especially popular—check out our Spring 2016 Collection for a few options!

Want a more rustic look? A pretty plaid shawl and brightly-colored shoes will add a touch of holiday cheer. If you’re headed out to a wintery wonderland, consider a cape or faux fur wrap! Check out our Pinterest boards for more fabulous holiday style inspiration.



These are just our five favorite reasons to host a Christmas wedding—what are yours?

Holiday Inspiration: Dark Marsala


Want to look stunning at this year’s holiday party? Planning a winter wedding with deep red accents? Check out this gorgeous styled shoot featuring tones of marsala, gold, and black for inspiration.


Shot by Jessica Cooper Photography, this set incorporates an amazing gold and black Sweet Caroline gown and a dark, feathered shrug. Pomegranates, dried lotus pods, and deep burgundy florals with golden candles create a gothic ambiance.


The groom sports a red velvet suit, while the bride flaunts her stunning black wedding dress.



Tell us, how will you add romantic holiday sparkle to your look?

Check out some of our newest gold accessories like 6606, 6619, 6629, 6634, and 6637. Follow us on Instagram for holiday style updates!

Photography Credit: Jessica Cooper Photography 

Gown Vendor: Sweet Caroline Styles

Geometric Wedding Inspiration


Looking for out-of-the-box wedding ideas? Check out this gorgeous styled shoot by Jessica Cooper Photography with the loveliest Sweet Caroline wedding dress! Staged in a lush, outdoor environment with both vintage and modern headpieces, this creative shoot reminds us of the beauty in expressing your individual taste.


This black and white, classy wedding beautifully contrasts a vibrant, green venue. Complementing the rustic-chic theme are geometric flower arrangements and our very own floral headpiece 6542. The whole look is sleek, up-to-date, and streamlined—right down to a cake featuring hexagons and a matching wedding topper!


The groom’s classic black tux vibes perfectly with the bride’s charming windowpane dress, creating a unique yet elegant coupling. We love how she switched to pearl headband 6539 with vintage curls for a new look.

Notice how the bride’s passionate red lip adds a bold touch of romance? A dramatic bouquet incorporates white and black anemones with lush greenery—how perfect for the holidays!


Tell us, how are you styling your wedding?

Photography Credit: Jessica Cooper Photography 

Gown Vendor: Sweet Caroline Styles