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Social Media Engagement

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First of all, congratulations on your engagement! We hope it was memorable and romantic—and that the ring he picked out fits your personality perfectly. If you’re following an engagement checklist, you have probably celebrated and shared the amazing news with close family and friends. Now it’s time to tell the world. With social media transforming the way we communicate, we’ve created a quick guide to the easiest ways to make a splash with your announcement, stay organized during the wedding-planning process, and create the celebration of your dreams.


Here’s your first stop on the way to fame. Snap a selfie of that gorgeous rock on your finger! Make sure the ring has been cleaned and your nails are manicured. Some brides opt to show a bit of sleeve or capture something else (such as your future groom, or the proposal spot) in the background.


This web site is more for getting ideas than posting photos, but it’s an excellent resource. Now that you’re officially counting down to your marriage, go ahead and explore the wide world of weddings! From gorgeous gowns to photography ideas for your veil, inspiration is just one click away. This site also hosts a ton of ring pics, so you can see how to capture a gorgeous still-life photo of your new bling.


If you have a FB account, change your status to “Engaged.” It’s a small but surprisingly thrilling act. Next, post a picture of the ring—the one of it on your finger, or a creatively styled still-life—and write a short paragraph about how you felt when he proposed. Then just sit back and watch the “congrats” pour in!


Whether or not you wish to tweet your engagement is your business. If you do, use an amazing photo of your bling and make sure you time it right. Since tweets are so short, you won’t get particularly meaningful comments back, but it’s a good way to broadcast your news to followers, quick!

Wedding Website

Setting up a wedding website is essential to your sanity and provides your future guests with an information platform. You don’t have to fill it all in right now; once you have a date or even a vague theme, you can add details. Wedding websites also offer great planning resources and usually include a page to post your registry and schedule. Popular sites include www.mywedding.com and www.theknot.com, but you have a ton of options.

FaceTime, YouTube, or Skype

Are you living in a different state from your immediate family, or did you get engaged while traveling abroad? No problem. If your husband-to-be was enterprising enough to hire a videographer to capture your engagement, you can upload it to YouTube for friends back home to enjoy! If not, you can still arrange a video chat with the family to break the exciting news. Make it fun and see how long it takes them to notice the ring!


A ton of people use hashtags to share photos. While this is a brilliant, easy way to share pictures of everything from the engagement to honeymoon, be aware that hashtags are not private. Anyone can download your pictures, so be sure you don’t mind before you choose one for your wedding! #Love #BelAireBridal #Wedding

Sharing Apps

A few businesses have developed wedding apps (such as WedPics or Appy Couple) that allow you to share pics and information more privately than by using hashtags. Some are free and some require you to sign up and pay a fee—but the nice thing is that you can selectively broadcast your big news, organize plans, share photos, and order prints all from one place.

Sharing is caring. What sites are you using to announce your engagement? Tell us about your social media strategy for the big day!

Top Signs He Might Propose


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Are you ready to tie the knot? You might be wondering, is he?

It’s a good idea to enjoy your relationship as it is and discuss any unmet needs together. However, if you know he’s the One and are wondering if you should be dressing up a bit more on date night, consider the following signs that he’s about to drop down on one knee!

You’ve been together between two and three years
Not that this means anything in specific relationships; some people are together for a long time without being married! You could have good reasons for getting engaged earlier or later (for example, career plans, desire for financial stability, or personal beliefs). Statistically, however, many couples get engaged after they’ve been dating for a couple years.

He’s cleaned up his place or has recently moved
If he’s no longer using his Xbox screen as a night light, chances are he feels that you are more important than his bachelor habits. Efforts to make you feel comfortable and at home are a sign of caring and commitment.

You’ve met each other’s parents
Increasing numbers of women want to know about their engagement before anyone else, but it is historically traditional for men to ask parents for their permission or blessing. Similarly, he’ll want to be sure that you know his family and where he’s coming from.

Your ring size and preferred metals are suddenly relevant
Guys don’t really care about the jewelry you’re wearing—most compliments range from, “You look beautiful today” to “You look so pretty in that color.” If he’s suddenly very interested in your favorite metals or shapes of rocks, it’s a sure sign that he’s starting to shop.

He’s acting weird
Many guys are still into the surprise proposal. With a plethora of videos and online photos posting evidence of creative and outright over-the-top gestures, there’s a lot of pressure on him to make it memorable, romantic, personal, and fun. Also, he’s supposed to covertly make sure you look nice for the professional photographer he’s paid to hide in the bushes. Plus he’s expected to arrange for your best friends and/or family to congratulate you at a surprise party afterwards. Oh, and there’s the small caveat that, no matter how sure he is of your relationship, he’s still asking a question—and is waiting to see if you’ll say yes.

Wouldn’t you be acting a little nervous and weird, too?


Are you ready to say, “Yes”? What is your ideal proposal? Would you be disappointed if he picked a ring without your approval? Let us know!

Brief History of The Wedding Veil

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Wondering whether or not you should wear a veil for your wedding day? As it stands now, the veil is a fashion statement. Whether or not you’d like to wear one is entirely personal preference.

However, people often believe the bridal veil symbolizes something—because throughout the ages, various cultures have attached religious or social meanings to it. We’ll cover the most well-known connotations of wedding veils—from protection against evil to a display of extravagance!

Protection Against Evil

In Ancient Greece and Rome, the veil was originally flame-colored to scare off evil spirits. Many works of literature cite the veil as a source of protection—and since veils, hats and scarves have historically been used in defense against sun, wind, exposure, or even mosquitoes, this isn’t too much of a stretch.

Many wedding traditions have developed out of efforts to protect the bride. A few (such as the bride standing to the groom’s left, so his sword hand is free) were aimed at shielding her from being kidnapped by other suitors. Most practices, however, protected the bride against evil spirits that might be lurking under the floorboards or waiting to attack during the wedding. Even today, Middle Eastern brides still paint themselves with henna to avoid the Evil Eye.

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Best Ways to Make Your Wedding Eco-Friendly

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Do you know what the term “sustainability” means?

Do you turn off your lights, avoid running your sprinklers too much, and conserve heat during the winter? If you volunteer every Earth Day, you probably already know how to make sure your wedding day doesn’t trash the environment. Weddings consume lots of resources. You can minimize your impact with a few simple, strategic choices—from your invitations to your favors, every little bit counts!

Read on to find out how to plan a gorgeous celebration that supports environmental wellness.

Paperless Invitations

This one’s easy: paper comes from trees. The less paper you use, the fewer trees you chop down. This might seem minor, but consider that thousands of brides tie the knot every year—and each couple invites anywhere from one to hundreds of guests.

Go digital for your save-the-dates and wedding invitations, and you’ll help save whole forests. If you feel compelled to use a paper invitation, get one made from recycled paper and encourage your guests to recycle it again. Some businesses sell invitations that may be re-used as magnets or bookmarks.

Green Venue

Check out your venue’s environmental practices. Does it use natural gas heating? Does it use solar panels or have an environmentally-friendly building design? Is the location in a protected forest area or park, or do the proceeds go to support green spaces? Does the venue compost and recycle their waste? If you’re getting married in a garden, do they use pesticides or grow plants that will support pollinators? Ask these questions when booking; if you get a blank stare, look elsewhere.

Recycled Decorations

Remember the three R’s—reuse, reduce, recycle? Look for wedding decorations at thrift stores, antique shops, or sites such as Once Wed, so you’re not buying all your materials new. If you do happen to host a bohemian or vintage-style wedding, you can use old bottles for table toppers. You can also choose compostable utensils or cut down on waste by using dishes instead of throwing paper plates away.

Vintage Gowns

Terms to search for include “upcycled,” “vintage,” and “used.” You can go on Once Wed and other bridal dress sites to look for wedding gowns that have only been worn once—or, in some cases, not at all! This saves material and is a cheaper option than buying a brand-new dress. After all, why let such beauty go to waste? Go to a dry cleaner (that uses environmentally-friendly techniques) and you’re all set!

If you have your heart set on a new dress, you can also choose a company that sources organic fabrics and/or employs practices that are good for the environment. Consider doing the same for your bridesmaids’ dresses, too!

Seasonal, local flowers

Buy local, seasonal flowers for your decorations and bouquet. Source your flowers from a local, organic farm and choose varieties currently in bloom. Not only will this help cut costs, but you will do the environment a favor by supporting a business that does not use pesticides. You can also use succulents in your bouquet, as these desert plants need little water and can be re-planted!

Ethical Jewelry

Look for fair trade, conflict-free jewelry for your wedding. Consider these factors when choosing your engagement and wedding rings, too! Some jewelers even use recycled metals and craft designs from vintage pieces. Many companies also donate a portion of their profits to charities and community organizations! Seek them out and celebrate good causes as you commence your new marriage.


Remember, every choice counts; even one positive decision you make can help the environment! You’ve already taken the first step by reading this article; now have fun planning an eco-friendly and beautiful celebration.

What are your favorite tips for hosting an environmentally-conscious wedding? Let us know!