Budget-Friendly Bridal – Clips

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Want to brighten your wedding-day hairstyle, but also need to save money for the honeymoon? Check out our gorgeous clips that retail around $100 for the budget-savvy bride. Look gorgeous without sacrificing style—or your post-wedding financial goals!


A little sparkle goes a long way! Feel your most beautiful and give your look the slightest hint of glamour. These lovely accent pieces will bling up your bridal hairstyle.

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Pretty up your hairstyle with style 1710. A dazzling little pair of rhinestone clips, these glittering leaves and round rhinestones add a touch of sparkle to your bridal ensemble. These clips hold well in most hair types and are great gifts for bridesmaids, too!


For a touch of romance, clip in style 6493. Lustrous pearls and twinkling rhinestones shine with fairy-tale elegance on this lovely little bridal accent. This piece coordinates beautifully with your pearl or rhinestone jewelry and is a fun addition to your reception look!


Style a gorgeous vintage-inspired look wearing glittering Art Deco clip 6405! Whether your look is truly retro or just timeless, you’ll love the jazzy shimmer and intricate beauty of this stunning sparkler.


Be sure to check back next month for our “Budget Headpiece” spotlight on Headbands! 

Five Reasons to Wear a Bridal Belt


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We love the versatility and beauty of bridal belts. Available in a variety of shapes and colors with gorgeously constructed beading and sparkling rhinestones, a bridal belt adds unique beauty to your wedding day ensemble. Here are our top five reasons you should wear one.


Okay, so you scouted Pinterest, Google images, your favorite bridal magazines, and a plethora of blogs for the perfect gown… but you do realize that hundreds of other brides will be wearing the exact same one? Make your wedding feel extra special and give the dress your own personality by adding a belt. This transforms your bridal look with a new style that is completely your own.


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Some gowns are almost perfect… but could use a little bit of help. Maybe the dress feels snug in one spot, but needs to be taken in or let out in other places—which makes sense, as no two brides will be exactly the same fit! One way to make a gown flatter your silhouette is by wearing a belt, which adds a point of reference for the eye and gives your waist slimming definition.


If you have a simple gown or find yourself getting lost in lace, a bit of sparkle can help! Many belts feature intricate beading or pretty shimmer that helps to glam up your look. Belts can also beautifully complement the details on your dress or match a lovely headpiece.


(via Jennifer Fujikawa Photography for Bel Aire Bridal – Style BT030)


A dramatic sash can add a pop of color to your entire ensemble. A romantic bow back dresses up your pics with even more bridal beauty. This look is feminine, retro, and totally chic.


If you’re wearing a dramatic veil, headpiece, or shoes, consider adding a belt to complete your wedding wardrobe. A pretty belt draws the eye and will help tie together your other accessories for a coordinated, balanced look.


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Check out our Belts page to see all the looks available. Visit our Store Locator page to find them in a bridal salon near you!

Product Spotlight: Cathedral Veil V7176C

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Elegantly embroidered and beaded scalloped edge veil

A cathedral veil is traditional for many religious weddings; however, it is also one of the most stunningly romantic accessories a bride can choose for her big day! Gorgeous and graceful, cathedrals add dramatic wedding-day allure; there’s no other occasion in life that calls for such a long veil. Modern veils range from ethereal, cut-edge styles that float like wisps of cloud to luxuriously embellished statement pieces. Pearls, rhinestones, embroidery, lace, and crystals decorate many types of veils—but turn the most heads on an eye-catching cathedral.

Our features lavish silver embroidered flowers with a delicate, scalloped beaded edge. Silver bugle beads, tiny rhinestones, and miniature pearls infuse this design with uncommonly detailed beauty.

Style Me
Elegant brides seeking an extravagant yet feminine look will love the sweeping beauty of V7176C. Gracefully balancing modern design with old-fashioned motifs, this elaborate style embellishes a plain gown or frames an already-stunning dress with decadence to match.
V7176C suggests a tone of luxury. Coordinated with sumptuous accessories, it completes a theme of regal elegance. When enhancing a simpler look, however, this veil takes the spotlight. Classically bridal, the floral design complements plain or embroidered gowns and understated jewelry.

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Match Me
This cathedral veil is best paired with a gown featuring a long train. We love this piece coordinated with a sparkling rhinestone or beaded belt like BT010 or a floral belt such as BT040.

While this veil may be worn alone as a statement, a touch of sparkle gorgeously complements your whole look. We recommend pinning a small accent underneath in your hairstyle, or wearing a headpiece after you remove the veil for your reception! Cathedral veils are most appropriate for your walk down the aisle and photos, though you may bustle them for the after-party.

My Perfect Wedding
Formal, feminine brides will be drawn to V7176C, while brides styling more casual looks will find less-embellished designs more attractive. This elaborate veil best complements an elegant theme.

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Love This Look
Love this design and want to see similar accessories?

Check out the Cathedral Veils section on our website for more heart-fluttering styles!

Reasons to Love a Cathedral Veil

Want to know if a cathedral length veil is a good option (or even an option) for your wedding? Check out our list and weigh the pros and cons of this particular style, find out why so many brides are choosing it, and decide if it’s right for you.


Back in the day, a wedding veil symbolized purity and protection. This stylish fashion has been worn by brides since Roman times and has been customized in every era. From long lace masterpieces to short little blushers, the veil is a crucial part of the bride’s ensemble. A cathedral veil has a time-honored history and gets its name from—you guessed it—the length that brides wear for religious weddings in cathedrals. Modern brides are wearing this look indoors and outside.

On Trend

Cathedral veils have recently stolen the spotlight as featured in celebrity weddings. High-profile brides in 2014 popularized this gorgeous length with extravagant, romantic, and elegant ensembles that accentuated each woman’s beauty with a unique—and very long—veil.You can take this fashion and make it your own by selecting a cathedral veil that complements your gown and expresses your personality.

Enhance Your Gown

If you’re wearing a short dress for your ceremony, don’t wear a cathedral veil. Shorter veils such as French net, shoulder, and elbow designs are best for gowns that hit at the ankle or knee. Cathedral veils beautifully complement any formal ensemble: mermaid dresses, fit and flare silhouettes, ball gowns, and even sheath dresses.

You can choose a wide veil for added drama; multiple layers for soft romance; a narrow veil for a sleek appearance; a flat mantilla for traditional beauty; or a foldover for simple elegance.

Reception Change

Are you dancing the night away in a short dress? A romantic, long veil is designed to enhance your walk down the aisle; you can either bustle your cathedral or switch it out for a pretty headpiece or shorter veil for your reception. This gives you the perfect excuse to select something fun and different for the after party!


A cathedral veil transforms your wedding look with magical romance. From your walk to the altar to portrait photos, the dramatic beauty of a long veil will enhance your wedding in ways that only you will ever know. Some couples do a first look—others take fun photos with friends, style gorgeous still-life shots, or take private boudoir photos. Many women don’t feel like a bride until they put on their veil. Imagine a veil so beautiful and dramatic that you can’t stop staring until it is literally tucked into your hair. Romantic? We think so.


You only live once, right? You only marry once, too!
Seize the moment. This is your only opportunity to wear a veil. Why not select a dramatic, ethereal, and utterly fantastic cathedral design? Every day is precious—and your wedding day should be blissfully unforgettable. Choose a style that makes you look and feel amazing.

In love with cathedral veils? Check out our Cathedral Veils page for some ideas about how to enhance your look for the big day. Still not convinced? Every bride should select the style she loves the most—check out our other veil lengths and designs for more options. Beaded Veils | Classic Veils | 
French Net & Face Veils | 
Embroidered Veils

Tell us what you think! What type of veil will you wear for your wedding and why?

Product Spotlight: Fountain Comb 6522

Fountain comb of shimmering rhinestones and crystals

Do you love sparkle as much as we do?
This week, we are crushing on style 6522, a delicately wired comb bursting with glittering crystal and rhinestone flowers, leaves, and sprays. Perfect for any season, this delightful design incorporates a touch of dainty, nature-inspired shimmer into your tresses for the big day. Slightly bohemian with eye-catching shine, this chic design adds beauty to your look.

Style Me
Beautifully crafted on a small metal wire comb, this easy-wear design is best snugged into an updo. You can style your locks in a loose, sideways bun; a traditional chignon; or in a half-up, half down style with trailing waves or curls. This piece may be worn without pins if properly secured in your hair; if you are wearing it in sideways, make sure it will stay before skipping the extra support.

Match Me

Style 6522 has a delicate, ethereal look with a hint of glamour that gorgeously complements just about any dress; it looks especially stunning when coordinated with other sparkling accessories! We recommend pairing it with rhinestone or crystal earrings, belts, and veils.

(Jennifer Fujikawa Photography for Bel Aire Bridal)

Complementary styles include belts such as our narrow rhinestone belt BT059 (shown above), tulle and rhinestone sash 6377, and beaded organza belt BT029. Want to balance your sparkle with gorgeous jewelry? Check out pretty rhinestone pieces like drop earrings EA217, EA228, and EA212.

My Perfect Wedding

6522 is easy to wear and looks beautiful indoors or outside. With its flexible sprays and eye-catching shimmer, we especially love the look of this style for an outdoors wedding. If you are a boho-chic bride, you’ll fall for the tiny rhinestone flowers on this light-hearted design.

Love This Look
Love this design and want to see similar accessories?

Check out the Spring 2015 section on our website for more styles!

A Perfect Pair: Headpiece 6518 & Veil V7198

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Looking for breathtaking accessories for your wedding? Check out this week’s Perfect Pair: styles 6518 and V7198. This headpiece and veil wonderfully flatter an elegant, formal bridal ensemble.

Style 6518 features sumptuous swirls of rhinestones glittering on a satin tie headband. Paired with V7198, a simple rolled edge cascading knee length veil, you’ll absolutely captivate your groom. Strike a winning balance of glamour and romance with this eye-catching combo.

You can complement a pretty lace dress or sparkling sequin reception gown with these gorgeous accent pieces. The simplicity of V7198 contrasts beautifully with elaborate trims or lace details; stunningly sparkly 6518 mirrors the posh beauty of a heart-fluttering gown. Just add earrings for an utterly enchanting ensemble!

How would you wear this pair? Tell us your favorite gown match!

Black Friday Beauty

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We hope everyone had a fun and delicious Thanksgiving holiday! Now it’s Black Friday and the retail craze is on. Will you be braving cold weather and morning crowds to shop? Fortunately, finding the perfect bridal treasures has never been easier. Visit our Store Locator page and call your local retailer to set up an appointment! From gorgeous gowns to amazing Bel Aire Bridal accessories, our partner salons are waiting to help style your look.

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It’s best to go prepared with an idea of what you might be looking for, but also keep an open mind. You never know what pretty accent will unexpectedly capture your heart!

Start by checking out our My Bridal Style pages and deciding on a look. Do you want to appear modern and trendy on the big day? Classic and simple? Sparkling and extravagant? Perhaps romantic and soft? We offer a diversity of stunningly beautiful veils and headpiece—no matter what bridal style you like—so you will feel gorgeous on your special day.

Once you get an idea of the look you want, have fun browsing our newest collections! That way, when you coordinate a total ensemble, you’ll be able to try on your favorites and narrow down your options. Be sure to take your time—and enjoy the experience! Keep calm and don’t let stress suck the joy out of planning your special day.

Have a wonderful Black Friday, and let us know what Bel Aire Bridal design you choose!

Happy Shopping,

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