Our Most Romantic Lace Veil


There’s nothing like a pretty dose of lace to make your wedding day look utterly romantic, classically gorgeous, and sweetly memorable. Walk down the aisle in our style V7034CX, and there won’t be a dry eye among your guests!

Perfect for an indoor or outdoor wedding, style V7034CX incorporates a subtle rolled edge around your face and luxurious Alençon lace trailing from your elbows to frame the bottom of your gown. Exquisite beading and French floral motifs make this one of our most popular cathedral designs!


Available in romantic shades like champagne and blush, as well as traditional tones of white, ivory, and diamond white, this stunning design beautifully complements a variety of gowns: fit and flare lace dresses, pretty-as-a-princess ball gowns, and softly flowing sheath dresses.

Add a romantic bouquet, a sparkling headpiece, or romantic jewelry to complete your bridal look. Follow our Instagram page for styling inspiration, and visit our Store Locator page to try this veil on in a bridal salon near you!


Ethereal Florals—Inspiration Shoot at Sunstone Winery


Our Spring 2016 photo shoot was shot in Santa Barbara’s rustic Sunstone Winery to showcase our stunning new collection. From pretty, soft floral headbands to graceful cathedral veils, these styles are perfect for the romantic bride.

KT Merry Photography and Joy Proctor Styling captured the essence of feminine, ethereal beauty with our trio of gorgeous brides. Scroll down to view more!


Gold metallic flower designs like 6588 and 6590 gracefully complete a vintage or romantic bridal style with a warm, luxurious luster.

Soft floral headpieces such as 6551, 6320, and 6571 create a heartfelt aesthetic of budding romance perfect for any wedding. These lovely designs beautifully complement lace gowns.


A touch of sparkle infuses any wardrobe with special charm and elegance. Designs 6465 and 6578 add a light dose of dazzling beauty to your bridal hairstyle.

For ultimate romance, a cathedral veil is the only way to go. Style V7262C combines the ethereal grace of a cut edge veil with the feminine beauty of lace appliqués for a look that is totally stunning.


Want to see more? Visit our Spring 2016 Collection for a full gallery of our newest styles.

Top Sparkly Styles for December

Bel-Aire-Bridal-Sparkle-Christmas-1Want to look gorgeous this winter? Whether you’re the bride, a bridesmaid, or an honored guest, you’ll feel absolutely stunning showing off these lovely, sparkling styles. Take your pick of crush-worthy opals and glamorous rhinestones, and get ready to shine!

The Look: Winter Wonderland


Deck your hair with gorgeous headband 6603 embellished with dazzling crystal opals and shimmering rhinestones. Radiantly eye-catching, this glamorous statement piece infuses your style with enchanting beauty. Match it with rhinestone or opal crystal jewelry to complete a stunning look.

The Look: Regal Elegance


Channel your inner princess wearing beautiful, vintage-inspired headpiece 6612. Sparkling rhinestones with elegant satin cording weaving through transforms your hairstyle with regal elegance. Pair this with the rhinestone jewelry of your choice and a classic gown.

The Look: Jazzing It Up


Dazzle everyone with gorgeous headband 6611 embellished with shimmering rhinestones. Sparkly as a cluster of stars, this radiant statement piece infuses your style with fantastic bling. Pair this masterpiece with statement earrings and a swanky dress for an unforgettable look.

The Look: Life of the Party


Add a touch of romantic whimsy with gorgeous rhinestone flower headband 6623. Twinkling flowers and graceful swirls weave over your hairstyle with feminine sparkle. This lovely style beautifully enhances lace gowns and floral accessories with everlasting shine.

Which one is your favorite? Find it at your nearest retailer!

How To Wear a Veil—At The Beach!

(via Jennifer Fujikawa Photography for Bel Aire Bridal)

All brides wear veils, right?

Well, no, they don’t. But because veils are so pretty and unmistakably bridal, let’s assume you’re open to wearing one. And let’s also say that you’re getting married at the beach!

So how do you pick the right veil for your unique venue and personal style? Keep scrolling to see our tips about how to find the perfect style and make it work for you.


(via Jennifer Fujikawa Photography for Bel Aire Bridal – V7253)

Veils come in more varieties than frozen yogurt! One of our favorites is a pretty, pearl-dotted, cascading foldover veil that flows to fingertip length (V7253 pictured). The pearls add a nice touch to an otherwise simple but shapely illusion, creating an absolutely dreamy look. You can wear one tier forward or both back, your choice!


(via Jennifer Fujikawa Photography for Bel Aire Bridal – V7251)

Are you a romantic? Most beach wedding dresses feature soft, ethereal layers. If your gown includes lace details, wearing a veil that also features lace is a gorgeous way to tie your whole style together (V7251 pictured). Add some pearl jewelry and your partner will fall in love all over again.


(via Jennifer Fujikawa Photography for Bel Aire Bridal)

Most people associate princess brides with churches and ballrooms. But you can also achieve a totally regal look by simply bringing a formal veil to the beach. The plus side is that you’ll get some amazing photos, and styles like V7034CX and V8734 will leave no doubt that you’re a bride! Plenty of girls wear white dresses to the beach, but your eye-catching veil will make you feel like this is YOUR day.


(via Jennifer Fujikawa Photography for Bel Aire Bridal – Style 6225)

Fish for compliments wearing a gorgeous French net veil! This sweet, simple, chic style is perfect for the beach and will ensnare your love with bridal charm. You can wear the net over your face or back over your hair as a mini-veil (6225 pictured). Vintage designs are trending, so this style looks completely fresh and modern with the right dress.

Which look is your favorite? Will you wear a veil at your beach wedding?

Brief History of The Wedding Veil

(via Roma Bea Images for Bel Aire Bridal – Style 6251)

Wondering whether or not you should wear a veil for your wedding day? As it stands now, the veil is a fashion statement. Whether or not you’d like to wear one is entirely personal preference.

However, people often believe the bridal veil symbolizes something—because throughout the ages, various cultures have attached religious or social meanings to it. We’ll cover the most well-known connotations of wedding veils—from protection against evil to a display of extravagance!

Protection Against Evil

In Ancient Greece and Rome, the veil was originally flame-colored to scare off evil spirits. Many works of literature cite the veil as a source of protection—and since veils, hats and scarves have historically been used in defense against sun, wind, exposure, or even mosquitoes, this isn’t too much of a stretch.

Many wedding traditions have developed out of efforts to protect the bride. A few (such as the bride standing to the groom’s left, so his sword hand is free) were aimed at shielding her from being kidnapped by other suitors. Most practices, however, protected the bride against evil spirits that might be lurking under the floorboards or waiting to attack during the wedding. Even today, Middle Eastern brides still paint themselves with henna to avoid the Evil Eye.

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Reasons to Love a Cathedral Veil

Want to know if a cathedral length veil is a good option (or even an option) for your wedding? Check out our list and weigh the pros and cons of this particular style, find out why so many brides are choosing it, and decide if it’s right for you.


Back in the day, a wedding veil symbolized purity and protection. This stylish fashion has been worn by brides since Roman times and has been customized in every era. From long lace masterpieces to short little blushers, the veil is a crucial part of the bride’s ensemble. A cathedral veil has a time-honored history and gets its name from—you guessed it—the length that brides wear for religious weddings in cathedrals. Modern brides are wearing this look indoors and outside.

On Trend

Cathedral veils have recently stolen the spotlight as featured in celebrity weddings. High-profile brides in 2014 popularized this gorgeous length with extravagant, romantic, and elegant ensembles that accentuated each woman’s beauty with a unique—and very long—veil.You can take this fashion and make it your own by selecting a cathedral veil that complements your gown and expresses your personality.

Enhance Your Gown

If you’re wearing a short dress for your ceremony, don’t wear a cathedral veil. Shorter veils such as French net, shoulder, and elbow designs are best for gowns that hit at the ankle or knee. Cathedral veils beautifully complement any formal ensemble: mermaid dresses, fit and flare silhouettes, ball gowns, and even sheath dresses.

You can choose a wide veil for added drama; multiple layers for soft romance; a narrow veil for a sleek appearance; a flat mantilla for traditional beauty; or a foldover for simple elegance.

Reception Change

Are you dancing the night away in a short dress? A romantic, long veil is designed to enhance your walk down the aisle; you can either bustle your cathedral or switch it out for a pretty headpiece or shorter veil for your reception. This gives you the perfect excuse to select something fun and different for the after party!


A cathedral veil transforms your wedding look with magical romance. From your walk to the altar to portrait photos, the dramatic beauty of a long veil will enhance your wedding in ways that only you will ever know. Some couples do a first look—others take fun photos with friends, style gorgeous still-life shots, or take private boudoir photos. Many women don’t feel like a bride until they put on their veil. Imagine a veil so beautiful and dramatic that you can’t stop staring until it is literally tucked into your hair. Romantic? We think so.


You only live once, right? You only marry once, too!
Seize the moment. This is your only opportunity to wear a veil. Why not select a dramatic, ethereal, and utterly fantastic cathedral design? Every day is precious—and your wedding day should be blissfully unforgettable. Choose a style that makes you look and feel amazing.

In love with cathedral veils? Check out our Cathedral Veils page for some ideas about how to enhance your look for the big day. Still not convinced? Every bride should select the style she loves the most—check out our other veil lengths and designs for more options. Beaded Veils | Classic Veils | 
French Net & Face Veils | 
Embroidered Veils

Tell us what you think! What type of veil will you wear for your wedding and why?

Style Spotlight: Fabulous French Net

(via KLK Photography for Bel Aire Bridal)

Flirt with chic style on your big day by wearing a gorgeous French net headpiece. A net or birdcage veil is versatile, trendy, and utterly fabulous. From elegant ceremonies to carefree receptions, we’ll cover exactly how you can enjoy wearing French net on your wedding day!

Blending traditional vintage fashion with modern allure, headpiece 6442 offers the perfect alternative to a long veil. Three soft flowers with sparkling rhinestone centers top off a French net face veil in a stunning statement of bridal style.

How to Wear Me

A French net veil looks beautiful styled in a number of ways. You can wear it angled over your forehead and eyes, style it full over your face, wear it further back on top of your head, or even flip it so the netting drapes backwards over your hair! Try out different looks to discover the one you like best.
Most French net veils come on combs, though some can be clipped into your hair. You can pair plain French net with your favorite headpiece, or find a design that incorporates both!

(via Shutterstock)

How to Match Me

French net pairs beautifully with glamorous jewelry. Long earrings look particularly good if you want to highlight a favorite pair; or you can wear studs and focus the attention on a stunning necklace. This type of veil is so minimal that it naturally draws attention to your gown and other accessories.

For oh-so-chic Parisian style, snazz up your ensemble with dramatic chandelier earrings such as EA218 or elegant drops like EA212; to create a look of stunning vintage elegance, wear a red lip with classic jewelry like BC134 or BC131.
If you prefer a more casual bridal outfit, flip the veil back or wear it for a fun reception piece! Because it is so light and may be worn at the court house or on the beach, you can customize French net according to your personal style.

My Perfect Wedding

Go vintage. Feel elegant! Be completely carefree.
A French net veil may be worn to accent a variety of wedding themes. This type of veil is popular for vintage-inspired weddings evoking fashions from the 1920s–1950s, but may also be styled to express trendy, minimalistic beauty.
This veil type gives off a vintage vibe with tea-length or knee-length dresses, yet appears hot-off-the-runway fresh when paired with long, full-skirted gowns. Slender sheath silhouettes or light dresses work perfectly with French net.

One of the best things about French net is that it looks amazing in any season! Be chic in a ball gown for an elegant winter wedding, romantic with floral accessories in the spring, casually beautiful for an outdoor autumn ceremony, or free-spirited at a beach or destination wedding.
Getting married again and want to skip a long veil? This lovely style is perfect for a vow renewal or second wedding.

Love This Look

Love this design and want to see similar veils? Check out the French Net & Face Veils section of our website for more fabulous and vintage-inspired styles!

Classic Veils & Memorable Moments

Why do brides wear veils? Apart from historical symbolism, this pretty bit of tulle has become an iconic part of a wedding wardrobe. At Bel Aire Bridal, we believe that every bride can personalize her ensemble with the right accessories. So the real question is, what type of veil should you wear?

We make everything from simple ribbon edge veils to elaborate cathedrals with lace. Once you’ve chosen your dress and venue, choosing a veil is fairly straightforward—just find one that matches! Today, we’re highlighting a few of our most popular classic, romantic, and glamorous veils.

 V7251: Lady In Lace

photo 1

Top off your spring or summer wedding with a light, feminine accent.
A single tier (layer) veil that drifts down to waltz length, this design includes a simple rolled edge with embroidered lace appliqués. Classy yet contemporary, this pretty style perfectly complements a lace gown or blush dress. Style it with floral accessories or bohemian jewelry! This particular length of veil goes well with a fit and flare silhouette.

V7257: Simply Gorgeous

photo 3

Sometimes the best solution is the simplest one.
A rolled edge cascading veil that flows to fingertip length, this graceful design adds bridal beauty and nothing more. Want to jazz up your ensemble a bit? You can add a fancy belt or luxurious jewelry, or even style an elaborate hairstyle. This easy-to-style veil leaves room for plenty of other accessories.

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Style Spotlight: Shimmering Veil V7141

(via Bel Aire Bridal – Style V7141)

Pretty silver bead and rhinestone trimmed elbow length veil

If you want to look gorgeous on your big day without overdoing it, V7141 beautifully rises to the occasion.A silver bugle bead edge veil with tiny, shimmering rhinestones gracefully unlocks your bridal beauty. With just a touch of sparkle, this single-tier elbow veil hints at classic elegance and glamour. One of our most versatile veils, V7141 may dress up a moderate ensemble or provide the final accent to an already stunning look.

Style Me

With generous silver bugle beads and tiny, twinkling rhinestones, V7141 lightly complements a variety of wedding themes with its beautiful, intricate detail. This gently curving veil drifts over your shoulders and hangs to around the waist, providing the ultimate touch of bridal magic.

(via Bel Aire Bridal – Style 6514)

Match Me

An elbow length veil is easy to wear and floats down to waist length, pairing best with a full ball gown or A-line dress. This delicate veil stops right where the skirt starts, balancing your silhouette.

You can match V7141 with a variety of intricately embellished belts, shimmering rhinestone headpieces, or beaded headbands. Add enchanting allure to your look by finding the perfect accent for your reception! We recommend taking a peek at style 6514—a romantic filigree headband studded with sparkling rhinestones.

My Perfect Wedding

Modern brides will love the understated elegance of V7141. The light beading enhances so many different ensembles: seamlessly complement a beaded gown, add sparkle to a simple dress, or gorgeously top off an elaborate ball gown. The choice is yours!

This veil is ideal for both indoor and outdoor weddings; the moderate length provides a nice bridal touch that may be played up or toned down, depending on the jewelry you select.

Love This Look

Love this design and want to see similar veils? Check out the Beaded Veils section on our website for more sparkly styles!

A Perfect Pair: Headpiece 6518 & Veil V7198

(via KLK Photography for Bel Aire Bridal)

Looking for breathtaking accessories for your wedding? Check out this week’s Perfect Pair: styles 6518 and V7198. This headpiece and veil wonderfully flatter an elegant, formal bridal ensemble.

Style 6518 features sumptuous swirls of rhinestones glittering on a satin tie headband. Paired with V7198, a simple rolled edge cascading knee length veil, you’ll absolutely captivate your groom. Strike a winning balance of glamour and romance with this eye-catching combo.

You can complement a pretty lace dress or sparkling sequin reception gown with these gorgeous accent pieces. The simplicity of V7198 contrasts beautifully with elaborate trims or lace details; stunningly sparkly 6518 mirrors the posh beauty of a heart-fluttering gown. Just add earrings for an utterly enchanting ensemble!

How would you wear this pair? Tell us your favorite gown match!