6 Amazing Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary


Your wedding was beautiful, and the honeymoon was amazing… and now you’re faced with the challenge of how to top all that. Every year.

Sadly, while Pinterest abounds with wedding ideas, the anniversary tag comes up with fewer posts. Husbands get in trouble for not doing anything, but many wives also insist it’s not that big of a deal. So couples wind up on a regular date, if they do anything at all.

How did we come to this?

Arguably, your anniversary should mean much, much more than your wedding. You’ve stayed together and have proven yourselves to each other. Truly, your love is worth celebrating!

You each deserve a partner who will shower you in love and appreciation on your special day. Check out these 6 ways that you can make this year’s anniversary one to remember.


Creative Gifts

While traditional, a gift can be tricky. The point is to show your partner that you appreciate them—and that you get them. It should be romantic and meaningful, so this occasion is set apart from other gift-giving times such as Christmas, his/her birthday, or V-day.

Countless blogs have urged people to depart from flowers and get more creative. By all means, focus on your partner’s quirks and give them something they’ll enjoy—be it a funny coffee mug, an engraved (insert any item here), or framed photos.

If you can’t afford Waterford crystal every year, relax. A sweet handwritten card or act of service goes a long way.  In fact, if your partner’s love language is quality time, focus instead on planning an activity.

Night Out

Getting dressed up and going out on a date cannot be overrated. When you’ve been married for a few years, it’s fun to get out of the house! All you have to do is plan ahead. Hire a babysitter or ask family to come over and watch the kids/pets. Then hit the town and enjoy being grown-ups!

You can try a new restaurant, watch a live play, visit a comedy club, go to a concert or symphony, or go on a shopping spree. Rent an upscale hotel room and pretend you’re on your honeymoon. Go out to eat so neither of you has to cook. The idea here is have fun and come back refreshed.


Night In

A romantic evening in is a lovely way to celebrate your wedding anniversary. Incorporate elements of the proposal or your honeymoon. Light nice candles and use soft sheets. Enjoy a bubble bath, massages, or your favorite movies. Play games or quiz each other. Go through photo albums. Light a fire and pop some bubbly. Whatever is extra-special for you—now is the time to indulge.

If you think your partner’s preferences may have changed (which happens) or they are under a lot of stress, you can always ask them how they’d like to celebrate. Your objective is to create an atmosphere of intimacy and/or relaxation.

Crossing the Line

A vacation is a super fun way to celebrate. You don’t have to hop on a plane to have a great time, either! Visit a tourist destination, a state or national park, or just a nearby city. For relaxation galore, schedule a spa visit. If you’d rather shop, explore restaurants and check out eclectic local spots. Tour a winery, or historic monument. Plan out things to do and enjoy your trip.

For a milestone anniversary, a trip to another country is an exciting option. Some couples go on bigger vacations every other year or every five years. Do whatever works with your situation—the important part is to get away together.

Adventure Trip

If you want adventure, find a natural spot with plenty of activities. Do something out of the ordinary, like riding a hot air balloon or sky diving. Go parasailing, rock climbing, or hiking. Try river rafting, snorkeling, skiing, snowboarding, or sailing. Go zip lining or mountain biking.

Your mission: take lots of pictures, and come home in one piece. Want something a bit less intense? Go glamping or rent a yurt on the coast. Nature is for everyone. You can visit gardens or climb a mountain. Just do something amazing.

Dreams Come True

Has your partner always wanted to go to Disneyland? How about Harry Potter World at Universal Studios? Maybe a local amusement park or water park is their idea of fun. Whether he/she would love to geek out at a pop culture museum or catch a show on Broadway, this is your chance to shine.

Make their dream come true! Celebrate by planning a surprise trip to a theme park or destination they’ve always wanted to visit. You’ll have a great time and it’ll be worth making them so happy.



How have you celebrated anniversaries? Share your favorite ideas!  

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