Our 5 Favorite Veils from the Fall 2016 Collection

We are so excited to release our Fall 2016 collection of gorgeous bridal headpieces, belts, jewelry, and veils! Topping off this season’s pretty treasure trove are some truly incredible veils that flawlessly complement the hottest designer gowns. Which one is for you?

The Glam Girl


Your look is formal, elegant, bold, and timeless—with a bit of luxurious sparkle! Style V7352 is a flattering 1-tier fingertip silver rolled edge veil featuring twinkling Swarovski rhinestones. You deserve the best, most beautiful bling for your big day! Pair this lovely design with stunning earrings, an eye-catching belt, and fabulous shoes.

The Fairy-Tale Bride


You want your wedding to feel absolutely magical. Your look is graceful and feminine with a touch of vintage-inspired, straight-from-a-storybook flair that makes you stand out from the crowd. Style V7357 features a light rolled edge and Baroque lace swirling along the curve. Dotted with tiny rhinestones, this unique veil adds that bit of timeless beauty to your look.

The True Romantic


You’ve been dreaming of getting engaged and choosing the most gorgeous wedding gown since you were little—or at least since you found The One. Complete your vision with an utterly perfect lace veil! Style V7369 is a 1-tier knee length veil with rolled edge and elegant floral lace twinkling with tiny rhinestones. This romantic, graceful style is beautifully complemented by a floral hair comb or clip.

The Femme Bohème


You enjoy laid-back fashions and bohemian pieces that speak to your personality. Style V7371 accentuates your figure with a graceful, slender ribbon edge on a cascading veil with pointed corners and a pointed back. This simple design lets your natural beauty shine through and focuses the attention on your statement jewelry and dress.

The Fashionista


You are up on the latest trends and know what is hot. Your bridal outfit will be fantastic, of course, and you’ll need several accessories to go with your gown changes. Style V7374 is great as a ceremony or reception veil: this 1-tier fingertip style features a cut edge with a line of silver beads and clusters of opal and clear crystals. Match this design with opal or rhinestone jewelry, and be sure to pick out a headpiece or two to make your wedding weekend extra-special.

Want to see more? Check out our Fall 2016 Collection of headpieces and new veils to find the perfect accessories for your big day.

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