7 Reasons You Should Wear a Cathedral Veil


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Veils are a stylish part of the wedding outfit. Some women assume they will wear one; others firmly decide they won’t. Until you try one on, however, you won’t understand why a veil truly makes you feel like a bride.

When you have your gown fitting, try on a few different veil styles. Once you see all the options, narrowing it down can get difficult! If you’re wearing a formal gown, however, a cathedral veil is a lovely way to go.

Here’s why you should choose a cathedral for your big day.

It’s SO Romantic

Cathedral veils are seriously swoonworthy. Heart-fluttering. Jaw-dropping. You can get a foldover that shrouds your face in alluring bridal beauty; a blusher that can be lifted away for the kiss; a dreamy cut edge that blows in the breeze; a pretty lace trim that makes you feel like a princess. This ultra-long veil is ultra-romantic, pure and simple.

There’s Nothing More Traditional

Bridal veils have been a tradition since ancient times for various cultural reasons. While social norms have obviously changed over time, we still observe some traditions to honor the past and pay homage to familial practices. Mantillas and cathedral veils are a beautiful option if you are religious or simply want to respect certain cultural traditions.


Source: Jen Fuj Photography for Bel Aire Bridal

Long Veils Are Fun

Ever see couples wrapped in about a mile of tulle veil? Kissing beneath a veil? Riding bikes with the veil floating on the breeze? There are probably a hundred ways that you can photograph your long veil. You can have fun staging all kinds of photos with it, and the pictures will be amazing.

Adds Beauty To Your Outfit

A cathedral veil adds formal beauty to your wedding day ensemble. You can select a design with scattered lace appliqués, lace trim, beautiful beading, an embroidered edge, glittering rhinestones, metallic lace, a simple ribbon edge, and/or multiple layers… Your options abound. Find a long veil that complements your gown’s style and unlock the beauty of your whole outfit.

Heirloom Quality Accessory

Did you know that you can pass along your veil? Your lovely cathedral veil makes a sentimental heirloom. A future daughter, friend, niece, or sibling might just love wearing it as their something borrowed. It’s worth investing in an elaborate, beautiful accessory like a cathedral veil if you plan to re-use it in the future.

You’ll Look Truly Bridal

Anyone can put on a white dress. A cathedral veil is uniquely bridal and transforms your whole outfit. Because it is so long, you can enjoy wearing it for your walk down the aisle and either bustle it or switch to a shorter veil for your reception. Photos often capture you from the neck or waist up, so a veil will make your wedding day pics stand out.

It’s Dreamy & Dramatic

Short face veils and French net have a chic, vintage-inspired vibe. Shoulder length veils and blushers look flirty and fun. Longer veils such as elbow, fingertip, or knee length are very figure-flattering. And longer veils still such as waltz or floor length are graceful. Cathedral veils add the most eye-catching drama and dreamiest elegance to your wedding day outfit.


Source: Jen Fuj Photography for Bel Aire Bridal

If you’re hosting a formal or semi-formal event, a cathedral veil honors the beauty, grace, and sentimentality of your big day. To explore your bridal style and find a design you’ll love, browse our cathedral veils page. Then hit up your local bridal retailer and try a few on!

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