10 Vital Things to Know Before You Propose


Here at Bel Aire Bridal, we are married, single, it’s complicated, on a second marriage, widowed—with different ages and life challenges. One thing we all agree on: getting married is so special.

If you’re thinking about spending your life with your current partner, congratulations! You are about to embark on a wonderful journey together, and we couldn’t be more excited for you.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we’re going to cover a few things that you should know before you get down on one knee. Make sure you’re proposing the right way!


Is He/She Marriage Material?

A person’s moral values, political views, and personality quirks (even their sports teams) usually stay the same despite other changes in life. To be marriage material, your partner should be right for you. Check out our blog 12 Signs You’re With the One if you have ANY doubts about moving forward. *

Ready, Set…

Timing is everything, even when you feel deeply in love. If you’re not ready or he/she isn’t ready, the engagement may do more harm than good. An honest talk about your relationship and expectations about a future together is a nice alternative to a symbolic ring.

How to Love

Couples who get divorced were never as in love as you two… right? Thing is, there’s an important psychology and physiology to love. How does your partner prefer to be appreciated? How do they need to be intimate? Know the specifics of how he/she wants to express and receive love.

How to Fight

If your relationship is pure bliss, chances are it actually isn’t. Many people can get along when times are good; running into challenges will reveal how you relate when it’s not so wonderful. Marriage really is for better and worse. Learn to communicate and be prepared to deal with the worse.

All Those Secrets

Do you know about his childhood crush? That humiliating experience she had in high school? How much student loan debt he really has? Her secret ambition? The weird dream he had last night? Genuine communication goes beyond superficial conversations. Marriage is for life, so be your real self!

About That Sparkler

A nice, basic approach to engagement ring shopping is as follows: research gemstones and the 4 C’s, find an ethical jewelry company, and pick a ring within your budget. When choosing a ring style, you can use social media to help, or just find one that matches his/her personality.

Popping the Question

When proposing, be absolutely sure that your partner will say yes. Your intuition will tell you—and many people even drop hints. If you’re unsure, wait awhile. No one wants to be the girlfriend or boyfriend who has to think up an awkward reply and/or break off a relationship prematurely.

Audience & Ambiance

Proposing is as much about the experience as the question itself. Are you in a private, romantic setting? Somewhere memorable? Somewhere with a view? Also, who is there to witness this big moment—just the two of you, the whole family, a handful of strangers passing by? Plan it out.

Your Delivery

Most women still expect a proposal delivered on one knee with a ring in hand. The basic, “Will you marry me?”  is acceptable. Some people ask using their partner’s full name or give a short speech that expresses their feelings of devotion. Points for creativity, but keep it genuine and you’ll be fine.

How to Celebrate

Getting engaged is a significant event, often professionally photographed or caught on video. A surprise engagement party right afterwards can be nice, if that’s your partner’s style. Other people might prefer a romantic day alone together. Know what he/she would like out of this experience.



We wish you a wonderful proposal and happy Valentine’s Day!


Bel Aire Bridal

*We hope our suggestions are helpful to you! If you need to resolve serious issues in your relationship, we recommend consulting a licensed marriage counselor or professional therapist.

10 Signs She’s the One


Some people just know when they’ve found The One. For the rest of us, however, it’s not always so clear. How can you be absolutely sure that your relationship will continue to grow?

Bottom line: you can’t see the future. A few pretty good indicators, however, can point you in the right direction—whether that’s running for the hills or taking the plunge!


She laughs at your jokes.

Let’s begin with the obvious. Connecting with humor and sharing jokes will help you get over life’s difficult hurdles together. Plus it’s just nice to have someone who gets you.

She listens intensely to what you say.

When you’re going to spend the rest of your life together, your conversations had better be interesting! She connects with you on an intellectual level and you’ve shared many meaningful discussions.


She shares your important values.

You’ve discussed your faith, whether or not you want children, and where you see yourself in ten years. You agree with and/or respect her beliefs, and envision a blissfully happy future together.

She respects your personal time/space.

You two get along great, but also understand that you don’t have to do everything together. When you hang out with the guys, relax alone in front of a video game, or work out at the gym, she’s cool with it.


You adore spending time with her.

On the flip side, she is seriously so fun and amazing that you can’t imagine not wanting to hang out with her. In fact, it would be a lot easier if you two just lived together, so you wouldn’t have to commute and deal with roommates.

She loves what you love.

Sharing common hobbies or interests is definitely a plus. If you appreciate the same movies or are into the same sports, you’ll always have something fun to do together.


You like her hair.

And the way her perfume smells. And the way she giggles. You are totally into the small details about how she acts and styles herself every day. You find her incredibly attractive and the two of you enjoy a passionate romantic connection.

You wouldn’t care if she went bald.

Seriously. If she had to shave off those lovely locks or stopped wearing high heels, you wouldn’t care (at least, not much). First and foremost, you are in love with her personality.


She cares about you.

About your problems, about your career, about your fleeting daily struggles. She finds ways to cheer you up and goes out of her way to be nice. She is a bright and positive influence in your life.

You like her friends/family.

You’ll see each other’s friends and family quite a bit, so it’s a good sign if you get along! Each of you will turn to your support networks for advice and encouragement when times get tough.


Now go through this list and flip the scenarios. Do you laugh at her jokes? Do you listen intensely to her philosophical musings? Does she enjoy spending time with your friends?

If your relationship isn’t a two-way street, change things up. On the other hand, if you can’t imagine feeling happier, it might be time to go ring shopping.

How did you know he/she was the One? Share your story!