Happy Proposal Season! 12 Signs You’re With the One


Hey ladies, it’s proposal season! We can hardly believe it’s that time of year again. But before you get all giddy about sparkling diamonds and swoonworthy stories—oh, too late.

We are so excited and can’t wait to see new brides-to-be flaunting their bling on Instagram! To celebrate this wonderful season of all things romantic, we’ve reviewing one tiny little detail: how to know that you’re with someone you should marry.

Being in love doesn’t mean you should get married. Everything from emotional maturity to finances influences whether or not you’re ready to the tie the knot—and the guy you’re currently dating may or may not be your One for eternity.

When all your instincts are saying YES, here’s how to double check and be really sure.



He treats you well.

This should go without saying, but sometimes it’s easy to look past someone’s obvious red flags because you want to be in a relationship. The right guy is kind and thoughtful and puts your needs first.

He’s proud of you.

A guy who is worthy of marriage knows how lucky he is. He says good things about you to his family and friends. He proudly shows you off in public. He’s introduced you to his boss. He appreciates all the wonderful things about you and isn’t shy about it.

He gets you.

We’re talking inside jokes, traded glances, and random giggles. Any couple who can go the distance understands and enjoys each other. Communication is everything.

He’s financially stable.

Every blog will tell you to be financially stable before you get hitched. Marriage is about starting your own household, so you should be able to take care of yourself. It’s imperative to be able to discuss money, save, and pay debt.

He’s got goals.

A successful marriage is composed of two people who are generally happy with their lives. A partner with goals will be driven to overcome obstacles—whether they are personal or professional.

He’s got skills.

He has an education or is acquiring the professional skills he needs. It’s important that you’re on board with each other’s career plans—be it moving for graduate school or paying for a certificate program—before you agree to a future together.

He prioritizes your relationship.

A guy who can stay married knows how to prioritize your relationship. He does favors for you. He comes to meet you. He takes your call immediately, or calls you right back. He goes out of his way to make your life better.

You trust him.

He’s around all the time, and when he’s not, you probably know what he’s doing. If anything important came up in his life, you’d be the first to know. He doesn’t text exes and invites you to just about everything.

You like his family.

He has a history of long-term relationships: namely, his family. He’s not a clone, but he’ll probably display some of the same traits. If you don’t like his family—perhaps even he doesn’t—there should be good reasons for it.

He supports your dreams.

Just as you support his goals and dreams, he supports yours. Married or not, you’ll spend your lives seeking self-fulfillment and happiness, and this includes professional accomplishments. He builds you up and empowers you to succeed.

You share common interests.

Ever hear of those couples who just stop getting along at some point? This can happen when people don’t enjoy doing things together. Shared interests such as hobbies or sports will keep you happily active—together—over the years.

You share moral values.

While you don’t absolutely have to share the same political views or religion, it’s easier if you do. Minimum, you agree on moral values and want the same things when it comes to big life choices: kids, pets, and where you’ll live.



Life doesn’t have to be perfect before you get married. Yet if an engagement doesn’t feel right, remember that not now doesn’t mean not ever. True love comes willingly and endures all things.

If you are with the One, maybe you’d like to discuss marriage or go ring shopping together first! This doesn’t necessarily spoil the surprise—it just keeps you on the same page.

What do you think? Share with us how you knew you were ready to say, “Yes!”

Top Signs He Might Propose


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Are you ready to tie the knot? You might be wondering, is he?

It’s a good idea to enjoy your relationship as it is and discuss any unmet needs together. However, if you know he’s the One and are wondering if you should be dressing up a bit more on date night, consider the following signs that he’s about to drop down on one knee!

You’ve been together between two and three years
Not that this means anything in specific relationships; some people are together for a long time without being married! You could have good reasons for getting engaged earlier or later (for example, career plans, desire for financial stability, or personal beliefs). Statistically, however, many couples get engaged after they’ve been dating for a couple years.

He’s cleaned up his place or has recently moved
If he’s no longer using his Xbox screen as a night light, chances are he feels that you are more important than his bachelor habits. Efforts to make you feel comfortable and at home are a sign of caring and commitment.

You’ve met each other’s parents
Increasing numbers of women want to know about their engagement before anyone else, but it is historically traditional for men to ask parents for their permission or blessing. Similarly, he’ll want to be sure that you know his family and where he’s coming from.

Your ring size and preferred metals are suddenly relevant
Guys don’t really care about the jewelry you’re wearing—most compliments range from, “You look beautiful today” to “You look so pretty in that color.” If he’s suddenly very interested in your favorite metals or shapes of rocks, it’s a sure sign that he’s starting to shop.

He’s acting weird
Many guys are still into the surprise proposal. With a plethora of videos and online photos posting evidence of creative and outright over-the-top gestures, there’s a lot of pressure on him to make it memorable, romantic, personal, and fun. Also, he’s supposed to covertly make sure you look nice for the professional photographer he’s paid to hide in the bushes. Plus he’s expected to arrange for your best friends and/or family to congratulate you at a surprise party afterwards. Oh, and there’s the small caveat that, no matter how sure he is of your relationship, he’s still asking a question—and is waiting to see if you’ll say yes.

Wouldn’t you be acting a little nervous and weird, too?


Are you ready to say, “Yes”? What is your ideal proposal? Would you be disappointed if he picked a ring without your approval? Let us know!