Product Spotlight: Lace Veil V7175

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Your wedding is the most romantic day of your life. Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and birthdays just don’t encompass the same life-changing excitement and romantic allure as a wedding. And, as an adult, you probably won’t wear an extravagant, gorgeous gown with lavish accessories on any other day! In short, your wedding is a unique opportunity to honor your love in an unabashedly romantic way.

Nothing expresses love quite like lace. Elegant, backed by hundreds of years of tradition, and timelessly gorgeous, this classic bridal material provides a look of feminine grace. Our V7175 Alençon lace veil infuses any bridal wardrobe with classic elegance. Ornate beading weaves through a gorgeous pattern of regal flowers with breathtaking romance.

Style Me
The symbol of bridal beauty, this exquisite scalloped Alençon lace mantilla sweeps over your locks with Old World grace. A waltz-length veil featuring generous Alençon lace, V7175 evokes a mood of romantic beauty.

Match Me
Ideally, you should match V7175 with a lace gown. If you are wearing a dress made from another material but love the idea of a lace-trimmed veil, be sure to choose lace accessories! For example, we highly recommend pairing V7175 with its sister headpiece, style 6456. Fall in love with an elaborate, embroidered lace and pearl floral headpiece blooming with classic beauty. Attached to an easy-wear clip, this lovely headpiece wraps your wedding-day hair with sprawling bridal flowers and leaves to complement a lace gown and pearl accessories.

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My Perfect Wedding
Romantic brides will love the feminine grace of V7175. Even if you’re not into pink peonies and soft candlelight, however, this classically pretty veil perfectly complements a lace gown. It also works well for any season of wedding. Whether you’re getting married in a church or on the beach, you’ll look stunning.

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Classic Veils & Memorable Moments

Why do brides wear veils? Apart from historical symbolism, this pretty bit of tulle has become an iconic part of a wedding wardrobe. At Bel Aire Bridal, we believe that every bride can personalize her ensemble with the right accessories. So the real question is, what type of veil should you wear?

We make everything from simple ribbon edge veils to elaborate cathedrals with lace. Once you’ve chosen your dress and venue, choosing a veil is fairly straightforward—just find one that matches! Today, we’re highlighting a few of our most popular classic, romantic, and glamorous veils.

 V7251: Lady In Lace

photo 1

Top off your spring or summer wedding with a light, feminine accent.
A single tier (layer) veil that drifts down to waltz length, this design includes a simple rolled edge with embroidered lace appliqués. Classy yet contemporary, this pretty style perfectly complements a lace gown or blush dress. Style it with floral accessories or bohemian jewelry! This particular length of veil goes well with a fit and flare silhouette.

V7257: Simply Gorgeous

photo 3

Sometimes the best solution is the simplest one.
A rolled edge cascading veil that flows to fingertip length, this graceful design adds bridal beauty and nothing more. Want to jazz up your ensemble a bit? You can add a fancy belt or luxurious jewelry, or even style an elaborate hairstyle. This easy-to-style veil leaves room for plenty of other accessories.

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Style Spotlight: Shimmering Veil V7141

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Pretty silver bead and rhinestone trimmed elbow length veil

If you want to look gorgeous on your big day without overdoing it, V7141 beautifully rises to the occasion.A silver bugle bead edge veil with tiny, shimmering rhinestones gracefully unlocks your bridal beauty. With just a touch of sparkle, this single-tier elbow veil hints at classic elegance and glamour. One of our most versatile veils, V7141 may dress up a moderate ensemble or provide the final accent to an already stunning look.

Style Me

With generous silver bugle beads and tiny, twinkling rhinestones, V7141 lightly complements a variety of wedding themes with its beautiful, intricate detail. This gently curving veil drifts over your shoulders and hangs to around the waist, providing the ultimate touch of bridal magic.

(via Bel Aire Bridal – Style 6514)

Match Me

An elbow length veil is easy to wear and floats down to waist length, pairing best with a full ball gown or A-line dress. This delicate veil stops right where the skirt starts, balancing your silhouette.

You can match V7141 with a variety of intricately embellished belts, shimmering rhinestone headpieces, or beaded headbands. Add enchanting allure to your look by finding the perfect accent for your reception! We recommend taking a peek at style 6514—a romantic filigree headband studded with sparkling rhinestones.

My Perfect Wedding

Modern brides will love the understated elegance of V7141. The light beading enhances so many different ensembles: seamlessly complement a beaded gown, add sparkle to a simple dress, or gorgeously top off an elaborate ball gown. The choice is yours!

This veil is ideal for both indoor and outdoor weddings; the moderate length provides a nice bridal touch that may be played up or toned down, depending on the jewelry you select.

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Top reasons to LOVE Valentine’s Day Weddings

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Romance is in the air. Besides getting proposed to on Valentine’s Day, nothing quite tops the drama of a wedding. Fun, feminine, and flirty, a V-Day wedding is the perfect opportunity to bring everyone you love together. Here are our favorite reasons to tie the knot on February 14!


Do you love love as much as we do? Celebrate in fun, D.I.Y. style by incorporating hearts into your wedding! The ring, invitations, cake, balloons, confetti, and general décor can all be cut or made into a hearts to celebrate the romance of your relationship.

Bridal Red

Need an excuse to show off a vintage red lip, rock red high heels, or buy a little red reception dress? This is the perfect opportunity to express your glamorous side! If you’re really bold, try on a red wedding dress like Vera Wang’s elaborate ball gown, Romona Keveza’s flowing A-line dress, or Alex Perry’s fit and flare statement piece.

Love Quotes

Display your favorite quotes about love at your wedding for a personal, memorable touch! Ask guests to share their best advice for the bride or groom, use quotations instead of table numbers, or create an aisle runner with a meaningful verse. Valentine’s Day is, above all, a celebration of love.

Red & Pink Roses

Lavish, vibrant, beautiful, and soft, red roses exude passionate romance. Yes, roses will be more expensive on Valentine’s Day… but does it really matter? The point of a wedding is to celebrate your enduring love—and spending a bit more for the best is worth it!If you’re a blushing bride, pink or white peonies are also a lovely choice for a V-day wedding! Match a blush colored gown and veil for the ultimate, sweet statement.

Dramatic Veil

As countless celebrities can attest, cathedral veils create instant drama. Whether you love the idea of a lace masterpiece or an elaborately embroidered show-stopper, a breathtaking veil is essential for a V-Day wedding. Think of it as the icing on top of your cake, or the perfect mate for your dream gown. You’ll thank us when you see your photos.

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Sparkle Style: What Your Ring Says About You

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Are you dreaming of a sparkly Christmas?
According to a recent poll by Brides magazine, about 51 percent of brides are involved in choosing their engagement rings. Whether the rock is a complete surprise or you show him exactly what you want on that special finger, we hope that you receive a design you absolutely love. After all, you’ll be wearing it for the rest of your life!
When it comes to diamonds (still the most popular stone for engagement rings), the four C’s reign supreme. Clarity, color, carat, and cut play into how expensive your bling will be. We’re going to focus on the cut of your gorgeous stone—which comes in a dazzling array of choices—and what each shape says about your personality!

Cushion Cut – Modern, Trendy, Fabulous
Also known as a “pillow cut” or “candlelight diamond,” a cushion cut stone looks like a square with rounded corners. Sparkling like crushed ice, this cut has enjoyed recent popularity with brides who want something slightly more modern than a round diamond—though this style has been around for over 200 years! Usually set as a solitaire or halo, the cushion cut embraces any band with dazzling radiance. Cushion brides lean towards runway trends such as plunging necklines, embellished backs, snazzy silhouettes, and celebrity styles. You are modern and not afraid to shine!

Heart Shape – Sentimental, Romantic, Feminine
If you’re a fairy-tale bride, a heart-shaped ring may be in your stars! This sweet shape evokes a theme of true love; you are marrying your soul mate. Pairing this enchanting stone with an engraved band will personalize your engagement ring. Only the true romantic chooses a heart and keeps it with her always. Heart brides lean towards lavish lace, extravagant floral arrangements, feminine colors like blush or champagne, and intimate wedding details. You are in love with love!

Emerald – Confident, Powerful, Sleek
Utterly chic, an emerald cut evokes minimalist beauty. The confident, no-fuss bride with a penchant for shine prefers this clean look. Free from distractions and crafted with narrow, long facets, the emerald cut is best if you prefer pure elegance. Due to its shape, jewelers often need higher grade clarity diamonds to create this cut (making it more expensive). Emerald brides are attracted to sheath gowns and simple, elegant details. You already know you’re fabulous.

Round – Classic, Traditional, Sparkly
If you love sparkle, choose a round brilliant stone! With 58 facets and the most brilliance of any cut, a round stone will make everyone stare at your hand. This cut looks amazing accented with a pavé band, halo setting, or raised solitaire. Classic yet popular, a round stone is the best choice if you’re unsure of what you like or want something that will stay in style. Round cut brides are modern yet classy, leaning towards popular wedding trends and flattering styles.

Marquise – Alternative, Free-Spirited, Artistic
If you like to stand out from the crowd, a marquise diamond is right up your alley. Unique as the bride who wears it, this stone is shaped like a tiny boat and has a slimming effect. This brilliant, elongated cut marries a look of courtly elegance with creative appeal.Marquise brides go for non-traditional gowns and quirky accents.

Princess – Trendy, Modern, Romantic
Combining classic sparkle with an edgy shape, the princess cut looks square (sometimes slightly rectangle) with the most brilliance and fire of any non-round cut. One of the most popular choices for engagement rings, princess diamonds add artistic beauty to any setting. Princess brides stray only slightly from the beaten path, enjoying classy but modern gowns, trendy accessories, and just a few romantic touches. You’re willing to bend tradition and personalize your wedding!

What shape of diamond would you choose? Would you prefer a colored gem?

Do you want to pick it yourself?

Tell us ALL about your dream engagement ring!

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