5 Fabulous Reasons to Have a NYE Wedding


The new year symbolizes beginnings. It’s the perfect time to say “I do” to changing your life—and if you happen to be hosting an epic party as the clock strikes midnight, even better! We’ve got five fantastic reasons why you should get married on December 31.



If you search for New Year’s Eve Weddings on Pinterest, you know that this theme is all about sparkle. Sequin tablecloths, metallic confetti, gilded chairs, sizzling sparklers, and bubbling champagne make your celebration unforgettably chic. If you want a glamorous wedding, this is your date!


New Chapter, New Life

Starting your married life is one resolution you can absolutely keep! All the legal paperwork, such as updating your last name, bank accounts, and passport, will fall into the next tax year. The New Year is the perfect time to begin your new future together.

engaged couple with wine glassesFamily & Friends Together

Unlike holidays such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas, New Year’s Eve is a time when family and friends likely will not have plans. What more memorable way to ring in the New Year than by celebrating your wedding? Help guests arrange babysitters or late night transportation ahead of time to be sure that everyone can relax and have a great time!


Partying ‘Till The End  

If you want dancing, revelry, and a celebration that knocks your socks off, New Year’s Eve is a great time to get everyone on board! Often, wedding guests will rush off early to avoid traffic, feed their pets, or prep for an early morning. Make it clear on your invitation that this is a no-stop, PARTY-ALL-NIGHT, fabulous adult affair, and you’ll have much more fun!  Front-and-Palmer-Wedding_Jessica-Cooper-Photography-143

Sparkly Accessories

Ok, so we’re a little biased, but it’s your wedding AND it’s New Year’s Eve—this is your night to shine! Wear an eye-catching veil for the ceremony, and switch to a dazzling headpiece for the countdown. Rhinestone headbands, opal fascinators, gold and silver combs, crystal vines—our designs offer you dozens of choices when it comes to fabulous sparkle! Pick statement earrings and stackable bracelets to complete your look.


Tell us, would you say yes to a New Year’s Eve wedding?

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