4 Spectacular Couple’s Activities for July 4th


Want to hang out with your SO on Independence Day? Since this holiday celebrates the birth of our country, it’s natural to spend time with family, barbecue, and watch aliens get blown up by Earth’s combined military forces.

Include your other half in the festivities with activities that you can do alone or with family! Whether you want to plan an uber-romantic proposal or just a fun date for the day, we’ve got you covered.


Play with Fireworks

Lots of people play with fireworks on the Fourth of July, but how many get amazing photos? Hire a photographer and head to an area that allows fireworks. You can use sparklers to write your names, draw hearts, and make amazing shapes that will show up on film. This activity is super fun and creates fantastic engagement photos.


Attend a Fair

Most cities host 4th of July fireworks, craft booths, food festivals, or fairs. Find out what is in your area and make a day of it! Go out together and enjoy the ice cream, pie contests, barbecue style food, and shopping. When you start to wind down, grab a blanket and a good spot to see your city’s nighttime fireworks display.

Americans-000034445254_Medium.jpgGrab a Show

Tired of the same fireworks year after year? Raise the bar and head to a new venue! To keep it casual, you can check out an amphitheater, sports arena, or outdoor space that sets off fireworks with patriotic music. For a more sophisticated twist, buy tickets to the opera or orchestra for a high-class night out.


Give Some Bling

Are you ready to declare your independence from the single life, and join the happily engaged crowd? Once the fireworks start shooting off, cuddle up with your sweetie and enjoy the show. Then, for the grand finale, pull out the ring and pop the question! Make sure you hire a professional to take the photos, so you get everything from her reaction to the fireworks in clear, perfect detail.


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