10 Vital Things to Know Before You Propose


Here at Bel Aire Bridal, we are married, single, it’s complicated, on a second marriage, widowed—with different ages and life challenges. One thing we all agree on: getting married is so special.

If you’re thinking about spending your life with your current partner, congratulations! You are about to embark on a wonderful journey together, and we couldn’t be more excited for you.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we’re going to cover a few things that you should know before you get down on one knee. Make sure you’re proposing the right way!


Is He/She Marriage Material?

A person’s moral values, political views, and personality quirks (even their sports teams) usually stay the same despite other changes in life. To be marriage material, your partner should be right for you. Check out our blog 12 Signs You’re With the One if you have ANY doubts about moving forward. *

Ready, Set…

Timing is everything, even when you feel deeply in love. If you’re not ready or he/she isn’t ready, the engagement may do more harm than good. An honest talk about your relationship and expectations about a future together is a nice alternative to a symbolic ring.

How to Love

Couples who get divorced were never as in love as you two… right? Thing is, there’s an important psychology and physiology to love. How does your partner prefer to be appreciated? How do they need to be intimate? Know the specifics of how he/she wants to express and receive love.

How to Fight

If your relationship is pure bliss, chances are it actually isn’t. Many people can get along when times are good; running into challenges will reveal how you relate when it’s not so wonderful. Marriage really is for better and worse. Learn to communicate and be prepared to deal with the worse.

All Those Secrets

Do you know about his childhood crush? That humiliating experience she had in high school? How much student loan debt he really has? Her secret ambition? The weird dream he had last night? Genuine communication goes beyond superficial conversations. Marriage is for life, so be your real self!

About That Sparkler

A nice, basic approach to engagement ring shopping is as follows: research gemstones and the 4 C’s, find an ethical jewelry company, and pick a ring within your budget. When choosing a ring style, you can use social media to help, or just find one that matches his/her personality.

Popping the Question

When proposing, be absolutely sure that your partner will say yes. Your intuition will tell you—and many people even drop hints. If you’re unsure, wait awhile. No one wants to be the girlfriend or boyfriend who has to think up an awkward reply and/or break off a relationship prematurely.

Audience & Ambiance

Proposing is as much about the experience as the question itself. Are you in a private, romantic setting? Somewhere memorable? Somewhere with a view? Also, who is there to witness this big moment—just the two of you, the whole family, a handful of strangers passing by? Plan it out.

Your Delivery

Most women still expect a proposal delivered on one knee with a ring in hand. The basic, “Will you marry me?”  is acceptable. Some people ask using their partner’s full name or give a short speech that expresses their feelings of devotion. Points for creativity, but keep it genuine and you’ll be fine.

How to Celebrate

Getting engaged is a significant event, often professionally photographed or caught on video. A surprise engagement party right afterwards can be nice, if that’s your partner’s style. Other people might prefer a romantic day alone together. Know what he/she would like out of this experience.



We wish you a wonderful proposal and happy Valentine’s Day!


Bel Aire Bridal

*We hope our suggestions are helpful to you! If you need to resolve serious issues in your relationship, we recommend consulting a licensed marriage counselor or professional therapist.

16 Love & Marriage Quotes That Get It Right


Need a break from wedding planning? Looking for encouragement? Want to express the romance in your relationship, but don’t know exactly what to say?

Welcome to our list of inspirational love quotes.

Get lost in heartfelt and honest reflections of what love is truly supposed to be… courtesy of writers, poets, counselors, artists, and philosophers from all over the world.


“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched—they must be felt with the heart.” ~ Helen Keller

“Any day spent with you is my favorite day. So, today is my new favorite day.” ~ Winnie the Pooh


“Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.” ~Antoine de Saint-Exupery

“But love, I’ve come to understand, is more than three words mumbled before bedtime. Love is sustained by action, a pattern of devotion in the things we do for each other every day.” ~Nicholas Sparks

“If your first loyalty isn’t to your spouse, then you don’t really understand the meaning of marriage.” ~ Dave Willis

“Being deeply loved gives you strength; loving deeply gives you courage.” ~ Lao Tzu

“What is done in love is done well.” ~Vincent Van Gogh

“We’re all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.” ~Dr. Seuss

 “Being in a long marriage is a little bit like that nice cup of coffee every morning—I might have it every day, but I still enjoy it.” ~Stephen Gaines

“Marriage is a gift from God to us. The quality of our marriage is a gift from us to Him.” ~L. Whitney Clayton


“When someone else’s happiness is your happiness, that is love.” ~Lana Del Rey

“When I get married, I want to be very married.” ~Audrey Hepburn

“The more love we receive, the more love we shine forth.” ~Dante Alighieri


What is love, to you? Share your thoughts and favorite quotes!

Jessica Cooper Photography for Sweet Caroline Styles

5 Hot Summer Date Ideas for Couples


Just started dating? Engaged? Married for a while? No matter how old your relationship is, having fun together is important. Give your summer a romantic twist with these fabulous date ideas.


Make a Splash

The beach is always a good idea. Pack a bikini and check out the ocean nearest you! If you don’t live on the coast or it’s freezing even in July, no problem! Head to natural hot springs, a water park, the lake, or a close river. Snorkeling, river rafting, body boarding, canoeing, and jet skiing are all great summer activities. Getting wet and wild is fun for everyone.


Spice Things Up

Going out to dinner is fun, but you can shake things up by cooking an incredible meal and staying in. And taking something out of a box doesn’t count. This is a do-it-yourself, I-had-to-use-a-cookbook, start-from-scratch sort of deal. Choose a recipe you’ve always wanted to try, or put a gourmet twist on your partner’s favorite meal! Add some wine and a delicious dessert, and you have the makings of an unforgettable evening.


Give It a Twist

Dancing is an intimate, sensual activity just made for date night. Check out a local studio and find a lesson series that sounds fun to both of you! If you want a formal ballroom dance that gives you a chance to get dressed up, learn to waltz. To loosen up, take swing dance or salsa lessons! If you’re up for the challenge, an exotic Latin dance like tango or rumba will heat up your relationship in a hurry.


Hit The Streets

Summer is festival season. Get off the couch and take advantage of local activities! Craft fairs, fireworks, strawberry festivals, lavender festivals, carnivals, chili cook-offs, Saturday markets, street jazz, outdoor concerts, movies in the park, and art walks are just a few ideas. Find out what your city has to offer and start saving the dates!


Challenge and Conquer

Longer days and warmer weather gives us the opportunity to enjoy nature. Make this the summer you Did That Thing You Always Wanted To Do—and share the experience with your partner! Plan a cruise or road trip, train for a marathon or triathlon, participate in an adventure run series, visit a national park, hike a mountain, camp in the wilderness, or take up a new sport! Seize the opportunity to have a spectacular adventure together.


What are you looking forward to doing this summer? Share your favorite date ideas!

Fall Color Crush: Copper

Amidst the poignant beauty and vibrant hues of autumn, this season’s most popular wedding colors stand out with stunning allure: earthy reds such as marsala and auburn; fresh greens including sage, fern, and mint; and autumnal favorites like cocoa and pumpkin!

Does this sound delicious, or what?

This week, we’re crushing on warm and cheerful hues such as gold, bronze, copper, and champagne! Check out these five ways to add a splash of sensational color to your wedding. 

Glorious Headpieces

If you’re decking your bridesmaids in a seasonal color such as champagne, chocolate, amethyst, or maroon, a sparkling gold accent perfectly complements these rich hues. Wear a gold bridal headpiece and give your maids matching hair pins, or vice-versa!

Confident Jewelry

Be bold in gold! Try wearing a statement bracelet or earrings in a warm metallic tone; you can match a headpiece or belt and show off red-carpet worthy style in your bridal photos.

Statement Shoes

Dare to dream with sparkling shoes or a gold clutch. A dramatic pop of color adds some pizazz to your ensemble while still looking fashion-forward and utterly fabulous. These details create fun photo opportunities, too!

Beautiful Bridesmaids

Metallics are all the rage this season. There’s nothing more gorgeous and eye-catching than decking your maids in stunning gold sequins or Art Deco beading! Never underestimate the power of sparkle.

Autumn Bouquet

Incorporate the warm hues of fall into your bouquet by choosing brightly-colored flowers and leaves, or wrap the end in a metallic ribbon to add an extra bit of shimmer. You can tie in your accent color with a jewel-tone brooch, too!

Photography Credit: Jessica Cooper Photography 

Gown: Sweet Caroline Styles

We LOVE Wedding Veils

(via Roma Bea Images for Bel Aire Bridal)

Want to know how to choose a bridal veil, but you’re not sure exactly what you want? This quick guide to wedding veils will help you decide what style best fits your personality. Check it out!


Heart-fluttering, swoonworthy, blushing, beautiful, ravishing—are you in heaven, yet? If you’re a romantic bride, your idea of the perfect day is filled with feminine colors like blush or lavender and classic florals like roses or peonies. You might be wearing a tulle overskirt, dimensional flowers, ruffles and layers, or pretty lace.

Pair your feminine look with a dramatic veil. Gorgeous Alençon lace, beautiful Venise lace, soft Chantilly lace, simple cut edge, and ethereal layers add to the beauty of your style. Consider a cathedral veil with a blusher to complete your dream ensemble.

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You don’t want to look stodgy, old-fashioned, or overdressed. If you’re a fun and flirty bride, you might be getting married at the park. Your perfect look is casual, pretty, and reflects your light-hearted personality. The dress for you might be short and summery or totally trendy—either way, nothing could dampen your spirits on your special day!

An easy-going bride should still wear a veil—this is your one shot, and why not? The pics will look amazing! Go for a shorter veil such as a French net or blusher, as these styles are easy to wear, show off your personality, and look the best with casual dresses. For a trendy and modern look, a veil with tiny flowers, slight beading, or metallic accents will speak to your style.

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My Bridal Style: Trendy / Beaded Veils  French Net & Face Veils


Fashion-forward and fabulous, you’re the type of bride who is obsessively planning the wedding with inspiration from high-class events and celebrity styles. Your couture gown is made by a prominent designer; your chic, glamorous look demands stunning accent pieces!

Top off your special day with an exceptionally gorgeous veil. You can select a style of any length to complement your gown, but a cathedral will add extra drama. Be sure to explore different trims and find one that appeals to you—we suggest a beautifully finished design with sparkling rhinestones, twinkling crystals, or elegant embroidery. Pair your extravagant veil with shoes and jewelry of equal caliber.

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My Bridal Style: Glamorous / Cathedral Veils  / Beaded Veils


Timeless, traditional, simple, elegant—sound about right? If you’re a classic bride, you want to look beautiful but not too trendy—after all, fads come and go. Your wedding needs just the right touch of feminine charm, so you’ve selected a modest dress with pretty details and a simple silhouette.

Accent your look with a veil that is pretty without being overdone. Match the silhouette of your gown with any length—we recommend fingertip, if you’re not sure—and choose a simple trim that complements your dress. Beaded edge veils look great with beaded gowns, while floral accents pair beautifully with lace or embroidered edges. Cut edge goes with everything. Try a few styles and find the perfect fit.

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My Bridal Style: Classic / Classic Veils  / Cathedral Veils 

(via Jennifer Fujikawa Photography for Bel Aire Bridal)


Ready to get your vintage glam on? You’re vibing on a cute Audrey Hepburn dress, non-traditional steampunk outfit, or jazzy Gatsby gown. Your look is unique and inspired by what inspires you: anything from prim 1950s lace to retro 1980s bows. Collecting knick-knacks and converting thrift-store finds is what DIY brides do best.

Top off your look with a veil you’ll love not having to make yourself! If you’re wearing lace, try a lace-trimmed shoulder or elbow length veil. Want to be really edgy? A French net or vintage bridal hat transforms your style with old-fashioned pizazz.

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My Bridal Style: Vintage / Lace Veils  / French Net & Face Veils


Going away to tie the knot? Your destination wedding look is light and romantic: soft, flowing layers and feminine ruffles help define your bridal style. If your ceremony is on the beach, you’ve selected exotic, tropical flowers for your bouquet and hair—if you’re getting married in a far-off city, your look is utterly magical.

Complete your dream ensemble with an ethereal veil—people love to see a bride out and about! Sparkling rhinestones, shimmering beads, or glistening crystals shimmer by sunlight or candlelight, adding fantastic allure. Cut edge tulle floats on the breeze, giving you artistic photos. Choose a style as unique as your love story for an unforgettable look.

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French Net & Face Veils / Beaded Veils

(via Roma Bea Images for Bel Aire Bridal)


Whether you’re saying “I do” in a treehouse, in a mountain meadow, or in front of crashing waves, you are in love with the bohemian look. Your free-spirited style reflects your offbeat individuality—you may not even use a bouquet, and your dress probably features a pattern or colors. A summer wedding is totally you. Bare feet and eclectic accessories complete your laid-back look.

Upgrade your bridal outfit with a pretty flower halo and a soft, flowing veil. A circle foldover or cut edge design pairs beautifully with any kind of halo or nature-inspired headpiece. If you want a touch of sparkle, go for a veil with warm gold accents or an embellished edge that vibes with your style. Find a perfect treasure for your special day—you only get married once!

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Thanksgiving Love Notes


Happy Thanksgiving! Here at Bel Aire Bridal, we are giving thanks for our friends and families by sharing a few thoughts from our staff. Enjoy a wonderful and safe holiday, and tell us what you are thankful for!


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“I was thankful for having family and close friends there. We enjoyed good music, food, and cake! Our two dogs, Thor and Natasha, were with us.” –Margie

“I was so thankful that we avoided rain! Our families were so helpful with setting up, and the flowers were gorgeous. The best part was when my groom saw me and grinned.” –Erin

“I was thankful that so many family and friends were able to be there, and that everything went off pretty much without a hitch! But mostly, I was thankful to be marrying the man of my dreams.” –Stephanie

“I was SO looking forward to this day and my favorite memory is that it was exactly how I wanted it – all of my family and friends smiling and supporting us. Truly perfect!” –Irene


(via Shutterstock)

“I am thankful for having a very understanding husband.” –Margie

“My husband and I are very career-oriented, so I’m most thankful for the time he sets aside for our marriage. He’ll drop whatever he is doing and give me attention, which shows me how much he cares.” –Erin

“Marriage is such a beautiful thing when two people work together to cultivate and nurture a relationship. With God’s help, it has all been possible.” –Obdulia

“I have too many good things to choose from but most importantly I’m thankful for the journey we have had together. Our love and closeness has grown tremendously as our families have united over these past 33 years. I am truly blessed and thankful!” –Irene

“It’s fun to have someone to talk to and laugh with. It’s such a blessing. We haven’t shut up since we met almost twelve years ago!” –Joyce


(via Shutterstock)

“I am very thankful for having the most beautiful step-daughter and two beautiful grandchildren.” —Margie

“I am most thankful for the female influences in my life: my mother, sister, aunts, and cousins. They give the best advice, have been there for me, and always remind me how lucky I am to have them.” –Marissa

“The number one blessing is that God has given us our children as a result of our marriage. We are thankful for their health and well-being as they grow up and share their dreams with us.” –Obdulia

“My relationship with my mom because she’s been an amazing parent, business partner, confidante, and friend. It sounds so silly, but it’s true. I’m thankful that this is my ‘normal’: working with my family. There aren’t many industries w/ multi-generational family businesses.” –Eric