Insider Tips: How Bridal Salons Care for Your Wedding Veil


Avoid Plastic

Plastic and sunlight can discolor tulle or beading over a long period of time. It’s best to store your veil in a non-plastic garment bag in a closet. Bridal salons hang veils from clips or hoops on a rolling rack. You can imitate this method by clipping your veil onto a hanger. If it is long, double up the tulle so it does not drag on the floor.

Keep It Safe

We recommend storing your wedding ensemble in a dry, safe location. Hang up your gown and veil, and keep your other accessories in a pocket of the garment bag or in a special box—away from children and pets. If you’re headed to a destination wedding, carry on as much as possible. Staying organized will prevent loss or damage to your items.

Mind Your Train

Many brides bring their veil and accessories to a hair trial appointment. This is ok, so long as you’re SUPER careful—all it takes it one person to accidentally step on the edge and you’ve got a hole! Tulle is very delicate and tears cannot be fixed. Keep an eagle eye open and make sure that your veil does not catch or snag on anything.

No Food or Liquids

Unless you’re wearing black on your wedding day, any spill will show up. The safest policy is to not eat or drink anything when trying on your gown and veil. (In fact, some bridal salons do not allow food or beverages for this reason.) Make sure your nail polish is 100% dry and ask your MOH to carry stain remover, just in case!

Avoid Irons

Please do not iron your veil. Just. Don’t. The heat from the iron can melt or discolor the delicate tulle fabric and then the beautiful veil will be ruined. As with your wedding gown, this special accessory should be professionally steamed at a bridal salon. Alternately, you can hang it up for a few days to let the folds/wrinkles fall out.



Do you have other veil storage and care tips? Share with us!

10 Ways to Self-Motivate


It’s a new year and time to stick to those resolutions!

If you’re a bride, among your resolutions could be finding the perfect gown, planning regular date nights, or getting in shape for the wedding. Or maybe you’d like to start a business, volunteer in the community, or take on a new project at home.

Whatever your goals, we’re here to help. We’ve collected ten tips for ways to stay motivated and make your dreams happen in 2017!


Framing a SMART goal is one of the best ways to get started. Though the letters can mean different things for group or personal goals, here’s a review: S is for specific, M for measurable, A for attainable, R for relevant, and T for time-based.

Choose Wisely

Identify your passions and be realistic. If something isn’t that important to you, you probably won’t follow through. Make sure you want this and it’ll make a difference in your life. If you enjoy the journey, it will be easier to remain focused until you reach the destination.

Break It Down

Many people fail to reach their goals because, psychologically, it’s really difficult and scary to do something big. But if you break it down into smaller tasks, suddenly your goal seems much more achievable. Figure out the steps you will take, and determine a reasonable timeline.

Learn New Skills

Could be a reason you haven’t achieved this goal yet is that you may be lacking some of the skills or knowledge you need. Fill in the blanks. Ask people in the field for advice or research it online, and figure out how to do what you’re doing. Get the tools you need to begin.

Be Positive

Negative self-talk is damaging. How can you do well if someone (you) is putting you down all the time? You might think, It’s not that special. Other people have achieved greater. FYI, this is your goal, so compare yourself to you. If you’ve done better than yesterday, that is worth a positive response.


Make Good Habits

When something new becomes part of your daily life, change happens. Since you won’t always feel motivated, commit to a routine. It won’t be easy. You’ll run into excuses; with clever planning, you can figure out how to get around them. Own responsibility for your actions.

Focus on Your Goals

Where does determination come from? When you focus on a goal, there is a driving reason behind it. Brainstorm all the positive reasons that you’re doing this—keep asking why until you discover your ultimate purpose. Draw strength from the deep meaning in what you’re doing.

Reward Yourself

Whenever you need a boost, reward yourself! Even if an achievement is small, it’s still progress. Congratulate yourself in meaningful, enjoyable ways that won’t conflict with your goal. Also, let other people know when you’ve achieved a milestone. A pat on the back is well-deserved support.

Visualize Success

You may get stuck along the way, or even have trouble starting. Ignite your drive by visualizing success. What would your life be like if you were successful? Find pictures online and write in the details of what you particularly want. Find a mentor or example of the success you seek for inspiration.

Rise to Challenges

From outside circumstances to depleted enthusiasm, various challenges may force you to a grinding halt. At these times, be flexible. Give yourself permission to change, but don’t abandon your goal. Identify specific roadblocks and find solutions. Evaluate progress and re-plot your course.



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10 Really Good Reasons to Have a Christmas Wedding


Every year, we see gorgeous photos of winter weddings.

Pearly blues and whites, deep reds and greens, and/or bold jewel tones deck any venue with festive style. Soft neutrals and shimmering metallics add enchanting flair. To top it off, snowy landscapes create a backdrop for magnificent photos.

All in all, with the sparkly lights and warm fuzzy feelings, winter weddings evoke a magical ambiance. Today, we’re highlighting this “off-peak” season with a celebration of Christmas weddings!

Here are ten really good reasons why you should consider skipping June nuptials and booking in December, instead.


Twinkling Lights

Strung lights, lit up trees, glowing candles, festive porches, and hanging lanterns all feel right at home during this season. This means dramatic photo ops for your engagement and/or wedding photos that evoke pure romance! Get pics smooching in front of the Christmas tree, cuddling by a hearth with a roaring fire, or skating beneath glittering lights for extra-special memories.

Classic Greenery

A rustic winter wedding is homey, charming, and so magical. Incorporate berries and greenery in the form of a bridal wreath, chair covers, table runners, centerpieces, or an arch! Winter florals tend to be more expensive, so adding in branches, candles, lanterns, and other non-flower elements gives your wedding refreshingly modern texture.

Seasonal Elements

Snow-decked invitations, frosted pine cones, and glittering faux snowflakes mirror the beauty of this chilly season. You can make your celebration rustic with golden reindeer or more glamorous with glittering ornaments. If there’s not going to be snow, you can still decorate your venue with metallics or plaids that create a wintery ambiance.

Sweet Savings

We all know the most coveted months to get married are during the summer and late fall—so if you schedule your wedding during the off-season, you’ll get cheaper rates. On the venue. The photographer. The honeymoon. Everything! Your guests can score some holiday deals on your gifts, too.

Decadent Snacks

Hot chocolate. Enough said. But if you really need more motivation, how about gingerbread, peppermint coffee, roasted vegetable soup, pot pies, cheesy potatoes, cranberries, and apple pie. Need we go on? The post-harvest season is full of delicious foods and warming drinks that will keep your guests satisfied.


Cuddle Weather

How many engagement photos have you seen with couples hugging in the snow or snuggled beneath a huge blanket? The chilly weather naturally draws us closer to each other, and perhaps that’s why this season is big on heartwarming romance. Play off this theme in your wedding with candles, soft lighting, and cozy blankets for guests to keep warm.

Spectacular Sparkle

If the only sparkly part of your ensemble is your engagement ring, that is absolutely fine. A rustic winter wedding is unassuming and romantic. If you do want a glamorous wedding, however, this is the best season to shine! Transform your venue into a glittering, wintery wonderland with sequin table cloths or table runners, gilded candles, and strung lights.

Pure Glamour

This is the perfect opportunity to dress up like a real princess. Create an effortlessly glamorous outfit with drop earrings, a stunning hair adornment, and a shimmering belt. Long cathedral veils with rhinestone accents, intricate beadwork, or luxurious lace will beautifully enhance your outfit. ‘Tis the season for sparkle, so feel free to style your bridesmaids in sequins!

Small Footprint

Give favors that can be used again and again! Guests can make their own ornaments with gingerbread or craft supplies. Another way to green up your wedding is by giving away mini trees, poinsettias, or bulbs/seeds to plant. You can gift reusable mugs or tasty build-your-own hot chocolate kits. Encourage guests to meet up again at a volunteer event, or ask for donations to charity on your registry.

Religious Meaning

Your family was probably already planning to gather for the holidays, and your local church or wedding venue will be beautifully decorated. But the best reason of all to host a Christmas-themed wedding is to honor the spirit of the holiday. Express the love and joy of this season by promoting goodwill, tolerance, and respect towards others—including those with different beliefs from your own—and start your marriage off right!


Happy Holidays!
XOXO, Bel Aire Bridal

5 Belts for Frosty Weddings


Winter weddings are gorgeous. Not only do you get pristine snowy scenery, but anything that sparkles seems even more brilliant.

We love bridal belts because they tie your other accessories together so well. They also “dress up” your gown with some extra shimmer. That’s not to mention that they’re super figure-flattering, too!

These stylish accents are so perfect for glamorous winter weddings. Our pretty bridal belts feature glittering rhinestones, intricate beading, and budding flowers. Transform your gown with a romantic, eye-catching accent and make your outfit uniquely beautiful—just like you!


Sparkling Silver Filigree & Tulle


A soft tulle sash blends into the background of your gown, while the stunning silver filigree design twists and twirls with gorgeous sparkle. This lovely tie belt can come with ivory, white, diamond white, blush, champagne, or latte tulle. Pair it with drop earrings or a shimmering veil for a glamorous look.


Vintage-Inspired Sparkle & Beadwork


Retro and utterly fabulous, this sparkly little number features a vintage-inspired design of silver beading and shimmering rhinestones. Pair this captivating piece with Art Deco earrings or a faux fur wrap to accentuate your theme. Style your look with a bold red lip and some sass, while you’re at it!


Sparkling Opal & Clear Rhinestones


There’s nothing like pure sparkle to complement a dreamy bridal look. Tie off a noteworthy ensemble with a pretty belt featuring clear or opal rhinestones in a shimmering line. This simply gorgeous design matches a variety of other rhinestone accessories and easily ties on ribbons.


Organza Peonies & Alençon Lace


Thinks flowers are just for spring and summer weddings? Not so fast! This lovely peony tie sash features sparkling rhinestone accents and beaded lace for a classic accent that looks romantic in any weather. Tie it into your ensemble with a lace veil or floral accents in a neutral color scheme.


Silver Beading & Rhinestone Embellishments


Styling a fairy-tale ensemble? Exquisitely regal, this rhinestone-embellished tie sash lays on the sparkle; detailed, silver beadwork creates an opulent accent fit for a princess. Pair this with the rhinestone accessories of your choice for an unforgettable outfit.


Want to see more? Browse our Belts page to check out a variety of designs. Be sure to pick out Jewelry to finish off your look!

8 Reasons to Get Engaged This Winter


When you know, you just know.

Love naturally transforms a relationship until you want to make a lasting commitment, and anything less would feel incomplete. If you’re at this point, congratulations!

Now you just have to decide when to pop the question.

Some people time it based on when they’d like to get married—for example, 12–15 months before their desired wedding day. Others choose a favorite season or a significant day, such as a birthday or holiday.


Here are eight reasons to get engaged this winter!

Discounted rings

An engagement ring represents an investment—but a holiday sale doesn’t hurt.

Romantic ambiance

All those sparkly holiday lights will make her bling sparkle even more.

Cuddle weather

So you can get all cozy before or after she says “Yes!”

Snowy engagement photos

Go on Pinterest and see what we mean. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

Holiday surprise

What better gift than a promise to be together forever?

Family is already together

This is a convenient time to celebrate your engagement without spoiling the surprise.

Winter activities as part of the proposal

Instead of one memorable proposal moment, you’ve had a whole awesome day.

You can’t wait any longer

Like we said: when you know, you just know.


Ready to propose? Check out our Ring Bling and Engagement Photos boards on Pinterest for ideas! How He Asked is also a great resource.

Giving Thanks: The Absolute Best Favors for Wedding Guests


Happy Black Friday! In the wake of Thanksgiving, we remember that this holiday is actually about sharing the bounty of harvest and giving thanks for all the wonderful things we have in our lives.

Let your wedding guests know that you appreciate their presence (and presents!) at your celebration. While a thank-you card is traditional, an additional going-away favor is a nice touch. This can be something inexpensive, practical, or even edible—it just gives your friends and family a little piece of the wedding to take home.

We’ve compiled a list of the very best favors for wedding guests. Browse these ideas for every theme and budget.

Let Love Grow

For you eco-conscious brides (and we hope this means everyone), a favor that enriches the environment makes a meaningful gift. Seeds or a little plant beautifully symbolize the new beginning of your marriage and how your love will grow over time. You can give potted flowers in the spring, succulents in the summer or fall, and mini trees to plant in the winter. Give away your favorite varieties!
• Mini trees
• Flowers in decorated jars
• Succulents
• Herbs

Take a Shot, We Tied the Knot

If you’re partying hard at your reception, play off this theme with drinking accessories! Shot glasses with a cute quote or design make a fun favor. Bottle stoppers or wine openers are a classy gift for a vineyard wedding—or give personalized wine glasses, or even mix a unique vintage for guests to take home. Keep in mind your grandmother may or may not appreciate a mini bottle of jack.
• Wine glasses
• Shot glasses
• Wine accessories (bottle stoppers, bottle openers, wine rings)
• Wine
• Mini alcohol bottles (jack, rum, champagne, etc.)
• Hangover recovery kit
• Coasters

Love is Sweet

Food is a favor that everyone will enjoy. In the spring, you can give individually wrapped cookies or chocolates; in the summer, s’mores kits, chocolate pretzels, and popcorn; in the fall, maple syrup, mini pies, jam, and candied apples; in the winter, hot chocolate, peppermints, and spices. Decorate little jars, boxes, or bags to make this gift extra special.

• Hot chocolate
• Candied apples
• Pretzels or popcorn
• Hershey kisses or chocolate
• Honey or jam
• Mints
• Candy
• S’mores
• Donuts or cookies
• Mini pies
• Maple syrup
• Coffee or tea
• Spices

You Light Up Our Lives


For an evening ceremony and/or reception, guide your guests safely home. Candles smell nice and have a domestic feeling—especially if you attach your names or bundle some dried flowers around them. Mini lanterns are practical if you’re hosting a camping or outdoors wedding, and guests might need extra light to walk back to their cabins.
• Candles
• Mini lanterns
• Matches
• Sparklers
• Flashlights

Share the Love


It’s nice to give back. And how often do guests really keep a favor with someone else’s name and wedding date attached to it? Skip the DIY craziness and give a gift with meaning. Donate to charity in your guests’ names. You can hand out a small flier or pin to remind them of the contribution, and everyone gets warm fuzzies all around.
• Donation to charity

Creature Comforts

bride-and-bridesmaid-showing-off-shoes-000013697769_mediumYou know that moment when you think, Oh, I wish I’d packed—insert item here—? Especially for weekend-long affairs, it can be hard to remember everything. Provide for your guests’ comfort with a thoughtful gift to use during the wedding! This one takes advance planning and possibly a bigger budget, but this stuff is so darn useful we had to list it.
• Flip flops for dancing
• Beach towels
• Sunglasses
• Fans
• Gloves
• Blankets
• Reusable water bottles
• Umbrellas
• Pashminas or scarves

Take Me Home Tonight

Any small gift can be labeled with names or a cute quote. If you’re hosting an intimate wedding, you can even customize one for each guest! Ornaments are perfect for a holiday celebration, while crystals might be more appropriate for the summer. Choose something that feels right to you.
• Ornament
• Soap or lip balm
• Perfume or cologne
• Handkerchiefs
• Keychains
• Crystals or geodes
• Wedding soundtrack

A favor can share more about your love story, serve as dessert-to-go, or express your appreciation right away. Can’t afford a wedding favor, or don’t have time to DIY? Don’t worry! A thank-you card will suffice. Some guests don’t wind up keeping favors—but everyone likes to be recognized for attending.

Did you go to a wedding with awesome favors? Share your favorites!

10 Headpieces for Your Fairy-Tale Princess Wedding


“…let down your veil!” 

Source: Jen Fuj Photography for Bel Aire Bridal

Did you grow up watching princess movies? After trials, misunderstandings, and often moral peril, the happy couple finally end up together—and all of us watching get those warm, fuzzy feelings that come from believing in true love.

Princess-style weddings are naturally sentimental and lovely. The incredible beauty of overcoming all obstacles for true love touches the core of what relationships are about. Not to mention, the traditional attire of royalty—long skirts, tiaras, and sparkling accessories—is perfect for a bridal ensemble!

Celebrate your own love story by styling a graceful ensemble worthy of a fairy-tale. Check out this hand-picked selection of beautiful accessories we think you’ll adore.

Diamond in the Rough



We all know that true beauty lies within. That doesn’t mean you can’t style a glamorous, exotic wedding look! Lavish your locks with a glittering tiara like style 6698. Studded with twinkling rhinestones and crystals, this lovely statement piece pairs wonderfully with a dramatic veil.

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Bookish Beauty



The best love grows out of friendship. Celebrate your relationship with a sweet, vintage-inspired look sure to turn heads. Style 6675 is a beautifully decorated tie headband glittering with rhinestones. This radiant accent may be worn as a belt or paired with a veil for unique ensemble.

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Melting Hearts



Every relationship includes a circle of supportive family and friends. Celebrate your special day with a beautiful tie headband that is perfect for you or your bridesmaids! Sparkling style 6610 transforms your look with glittering, linked oval rhinestones and graceful pearls. Wear it alone or with a veil.

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True Love’s Kiss



Sometimes you find love when you least expect it. Style your free-spirited, boho-chic wedding with a beautiful, nature-inspired headband 6683. This glittering piece features tiny rhinestone flowers and gilded metallic leaves, and may be worn in silver or gold.

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Enchanted Dreams



Love is an adventure, don’t you think? Crown your hair with lovely organza flowers and glittering rhinestone accents for a sweet, romantic bridal ensemble 6551. This tie headband may be styled to the front or in the back, with or without a veil.

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Eternal Rose



True love endures all trials. Add classic elegance to your bridal ensemble with a timeless tiara like 6210. Wrought in stunning filigree and glittering with rhinestones, this gorgeous headpiece shines with everlasting beauty. This design is available in either silver or rose gold.

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Southern Charm



Love is a gift worth celebrating. Create a personalized look for your special day with style 6632. Incorporating crystals, rhinestones, faux pearls, and metallic leaves, this weaving tie headband adds unforgettable charm to your wedding day ensemble.

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Midnight Magic



True love is utterly enchanting. Bring your dream wedding to life with a gorgeous tiara. Sparkling with brilliant crystals and rhinestones, this fairy-tale headpiece crowns your ensemble with dreamy beauty 6627. Wear it with a veil or embroidered belt to complete your look.

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Heart of the Sea



The heart knows what it wants. Style a gorgeous, beachy look with a lovely pearl-studded headband 6531. Featuring faux pearl flowers, glittering rhinestones, and luminous crystals, this lovely bit of hair jewelry sparkles like a lost treasure. Add a veil with scattered pearls to complete your ensemble.

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Rarest Flower



Love takes courage and blooms in its own time. Style 6605 is all about the pretty little details, featuring a delicate array of miniature flowers sparkling with brilliant crystals. Style a unique look by pairing this nature-inspired design with a flowing veil or dainty jewelry.

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Are you planning a fairy-tale wedding? Follow us on Instagram for styling inspiration, and check out our cathedral veils and lace veils for more princess-worthy accessories options.

6 Amazing Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary


Your wedding was beautiful, and the honeymoon was amazing… and now you’re faced with the challenge of how to top all that. Every year.

Sadly, while Pinterest abounds with wedding ideas, the anniversary tag comes up with fewer posts. Husbands get in trouble for not doing anything, but many wives also insist it’s not that big of a deal. So couples wind up on a regular date, if they do anything at all.

How did we come to this?

Arguably, your anniversary should mean much, much more than your wedding. You’ve stayed together and have proven yourselves to each other. Truly, your love is worth celebrating!

You each deserve a partner who will shower you in love and appreciation on your special day. Check out these 6 ways that you can make this year’s anniversary one to remember.


Creative Gifts

While traditional, a gift can be tricky. The point is to show your partner that you appreciate them—and that you get them. It should be romantic and meaningful, so this occasion is set apart from other gift-giving times such as Christmas, his/her birthday, or V-day.

Countless blogs have urged people to depart from flowers and get more creative. By all means, focus on your partner’s quirks and give them something they’ll enjoy—be it a funny coffee mug, an engraved (insert any item here), or framed photos.

If you can’t afford Waterford crystal every year, relax. A sweet handwritten card or act of service goes a long way.  In fact, if your partner’s love language is quality time, focus instead on planning an activity.

Night Out

Getting dressed up and going out on a date cannot be overrated. When you’ve been married for a few years, it’s fun to get out of the house! All you have to do is plan ahead. Hire a babysitter or ask family to come over and watch the kids/pets. Then hit the town and enjoy being grown-ups!

You can try a new restaurant, watch a live play, visit a comedy club, go to a concert or symphony, or go on a shopping spree. Rent an upscale hotel room and pretend you’re on your honeymoon. Go out to eat so neither of you has to cook. The idea here is have fun and come back refreshed.


Night In

A romantic evening in is a lovely way to celebrate your wedding anniversary. Incorporate elements of the proposal or your honeymoon. Light nice candles and use soft sheets. Enjoy a bubble bath, massages, or your favorite movies. Play games or quiz each other. Go through photo albums. Light a fire and pop some bubbly. Whatever is extra-special for you—now is the time to indulge.

If you think your partner’s preferences may have changed (which happens) or they are under a lot of stress, you can always ask them how they’d like to celebrate. Your objective is to create an atmosphere of intimacy and/or relaxation.

Crossing the Line

A vacation is a super fun way to celebrate. You don’t have to hop on a plane to have a great time, either! Visit a tourist destination, a state or national park, or just a nearby city. For relaxation galore, schedule a spa visit. If you’d rather shop, explore restaurants and check out eclectic local spots. Tour a winery, or historic monument. Plan out things to do and enjoy your trip.

For a milestone anniversary, a trip to another country is an exciting option. Some couples go on bigger vacations every other year or every five years. Do whatever works with your situation—the important part is to get away together.

Adventure Trip

If you want adventure, find a natural spot with plenty of activities. Do something out of the ordinary, like riding a hot air balloon or sky diving. Go parasailing, rock climbing, or hiking. Try river rafting, snorkeling, skiing, snowboarding, or sailing. Go zip lining or mountain biking.

Your mission: take lots of pictures, and come home in one piece. Want something a bit less intense? Go glamping or rent a yurt on the coast. Nature is for everyone. You can visit gardens or climb a mountain. Just do something amazing.

Dreams Come True

Has your partner always wanted to go to Disneyland? How about Harry Potter World at Universal Studios? Maybe a local amusement park or water park is their idea of fun. Whether he/she would love to geek out at a pop culture museum or catch a show on Broadway, this is your chance to shine.

Make their dream come true! Celebrate by planning a surprise trip to a theme park or destination they’ve always wanted to visit. You’ll have a great time and it’ll be worth making them so happy.



How have you celebrated anniversaries? Share your favorite ideas!