14 Reasons to Throw a Valentine’s Day Wedding


Thinking of getting married on V-Day? Whether you have a personal reason for selecting this date or you just think it’d be romantic, this holiday is full of warm fuzzies. Check out our favorite 14 reasons to say YES to February 14!



In Love with Love

One of the most popular days to get engaged or married, Valentine’s Day is synonymous with love.

Mingle Your Singles

It sucks being single on V-Day with nothing to do. Give your single friends a fun and meaningful event to get dressed up for!


Date Night to the Billionth Power

Or if your friends are married/taken, what better date night than attending an uber-romantic wedding? No reservations needed.

When’s Our Anniversary Again?

Because you’ll never want your SO to seriously ask this question.

A Rose by Any Other Name…

Love roses? Love peonies? Love flowers in general? They’re more expensive this time of year, but when you’re dreaming of romance, lavish florals are the only way to go.


Passionate for Pink

Blush is a beautiful color for bridal gowns, bridesmaids’ dresses, flowers, bubbly, treats—just about anything that you could incorporate into a wedding.

Black Tie Option

Black tie formal is a fabulous option for your wedding, including classically romantic dresses, sleek tuxes, and glittery gowns. Tie it into a chic theme with red roses and champagne!

Chocolate Everything

Voudrais-tu du chocolat, mon ami? Oui, bien sûr! Toujours oui!


Lovely Quotes

Your Pinterest boards are chock-full of romantic quotes and song lyrics that make your heart flutter. A V-Day wedding’s the perfect time to put them on display!

Forever Flowers

Flower crowns, floral combs, weaving vines, and metallic flower headpieces give you romantic options for a stunning bridal wardrobe. Florals are super popular for bridesmaids, too!


Bachelorette Bash

Make your girl’s night even more fun! Pink and red outfits, hearts, decorations, and candies create a festive atmosphere for your bridal shower, doe party, and everything in between!

Anniversary Time

Did you get engaged on V-Day? Have your first date on V-Day? This would be a romantic and meaningful time for your wedding, too!


Red Lip

If you’re ever going to rock a red lip, Valentine’s Day is the time to do it. Stunning makeup pairs perfectly with a vintage-inspired or Hollywood wedding theme.

Hearts All Around

When you love your love story, V-Day celebrates the essence of romance with this classic emblem. Use heart balloons, heart treats, heart invitations—heart anything and everything you want!



There you have it—fourteen great reasons to get married on February 14! Also, be sure to check out our My Bridal Style: Romantic page for accessory inspiration, and follow us on Instagram for style updates.

Are you planning a V-Day wedding? Share your ideas with us! 


10 Vital Things to Know Before You Propose


Here at Bel Aire Bridal, we are married, single, it’s complicated, on a second marriage, widowed—with different ages and life challenges. One thing we all agree on: getting married is so special.

If you’re thinking about spending your life with your current partner, congratulations! You are about to embark on a wonderful journey together, and we couldn’t be more excited for you.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we’re going to cover a few things that you should know before you get down on one knee. Make sure you’re proposing the right way!


Is He/She Marriage Material?

A person’s moral values, political views, and personality quirks (even their sports teams) usually stay the same despite other changes in life. To be marriage material, your partner should be right for you. Check out our blog 12 Signs You’re With the One if you have ANY doubts about moving forward. *

Ready, Set…

Timing is everything, even when you feel deeply in love. If you’re not ready or he/she isn’t ready, the engagement may do more harm than good. An honest talk about your relationship and expectations about a future together is a nice alternative to a symbolic ring.

How to Love

Couples who get divorced were never as in love as you two… right? Thing is, there’s an important psychology and physiology to love. How does your partner prefer to be appreciated? How do they need to be intimate? Know the specifics of how he/she wants to express and receive love.

How to Fight

If your relationship is pure bliss, chances are it actually isn’t. Many people can get along when times are good; running into challenges will reveal how you relate when it’s not so wonderful. Marriage really is for better and worse. Learn to communicate and be prepared to deal with the worse.

All Those Secrets

Do you know about his childhood crush? That humiliating experience she had in high school? How much student loan debt he really has? Her secret ambition? The weird dream he had last night? Genuine communication goes beyond superficial conversations. Marriage is for life, so be your real self!

About That Sparkler

A nice, basic approach to engagement ring shopping is as follows: research gemstones and the 4 C’s, find an ethical jewelry company, and pick a ring within your budget. When choosing a ring style, you can use social media to help, or just find one that matches his/her personality.

Popping the Question

When proposing, be absolutely sure that your partner will say yes. Your intuition will tell you—and many people even drop hints. If you’re unsure, wait awhile. No one wants to be the girlfriend or boyfriend who has to think up an awkward reply and/or break off a relationship prematurely.

Audience & Ambiance

Proposing is as much about the experience as the question itself. Are you in a private, romantic setting? Somewhere memorable? Somewhere with a view? Also, who is there to witness this big moment—just the two of you, the whole family, a handful of strangers passing by? Plan it out.

Your Delivery

Most women still expect a proposal delivered on one knee with a ring in hand. The basic, “Will you marry me?”  is acceptable. Some people ask using their partner’s full name or give a short speech that expresses their feelings of devotion. Points for creativity, but keep it genuine and you’ll be fine.

How to Celebrate

Getting engaged is a significant event, often professionally photographed or caught on video. A surprise engagement party right afterwards can be nice, if that’s your partner’s style. Other people might prefer a romantic day alone together. Know what he/she would like out of this experience.



We wish you a wonderful proposal and happy Valentine’s Day!


Bel Aire Bridal

*We hope our suggestions are helpful to you! If you need to resolve serious issues in your relationship, we recommend consulting a licensed marriage counselor or professional therapist.

5 Things To Do Right After You Get Engaged


OMG you’re getting married! Congratulations! Do these 5 things NOW, before a thousand phone calls and social media posts keep you busy for the next several weeks.

Scream, Hug, Kiss, Jump Up and Down

Celebrate! You’ve just made one of the biggest, most thrilling decisions of your life. Take a moment together—or several days. Then tell your closest family and friends before posting anything online.

Take Pics (Lots!)

This includes a photo of the two of you, breathlessly excited and grinning, blissfully unaware of how challenging wedding planning will be. Also be sure to snap a selfie with the ring, and then a closer pic for your mom/best friend/sister to see before they check out the rock in person.

Talk Alone

You’ll spend hours repeating the story to friends and family, politely rebuffing questions about setting the wedding date. Take some time to talk seriously with your significant other about the future, and discuss what expectations you have going forward. As in kids, religion, debts, pets… you get the idea.

Pick a Timeframe

It’s important to know how long you’ll be engaged before you say, “I do.” Engagements can last anywhere from a month (if you’re eloping) to several years. Choose a timeline that makes sense for where your relationship is at, what career plans you have, and your financial situation.

Take Care of Your Ring(s)

It’s sadly common to lose your new sparkler. Don’t let it happen to you! Get a ring holder (or two), and ALWAYS put your ring there when it’s not on your finger. Size your ring and consider insurance. Find out if your partner wants an engagement ring, and start shopping for wedding bands. Have fun!


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14 Fun Things To Do on Valentine’s Day

Valentines photo of kissing couple

Trying to figure out what to do on V-day? Don’t want another boring year to pass? Pick one (or more) of these awesome activities—whether you’re single or attached!


Camp indoors

Think a roaring fire, couch cushions, pillows, sleeping bags, the whole deal.

Add s’mores, for sure!

Work out  

They say that endorphins put you in a great mood. Couples that play together, stay together!


Get massages

Give yourself and your partner the celebrity treatment for a day! Indulge in wellness and beauty.

Go to a concert

Think of V-day as the perfect excuse. How many chances will you get to see them LIVE, in person?


Make a dessert bar

Step 1: Go wild with your Pinterest recipes. Step 2: Brush your teeth.

Check out a new restaurant 

If the food is terrible, you have our permission to get an amazing dessert. If it’s great, you have a new date spot!


Grab a movie

Create cinema magic with snacks and low lighting. Pick a flick that you’ll both love (and a back-up).


Spread the love and give your time to improve other people’s lives or help the environment. Get ready to feel warm and fuzzy inside!


Visit a winery for a tasting

Get jazzed up and indulge in a night of sophistication and class. Why not take a bottle home?

Hit the museum

Focus on the big picture. Check out dinosaurs and gemstones, stroll through history, critique paintings and sculptures, or go spy the Puffy Shirt.


Visit a karaoke club

What happens in the club, stays in the club. Sing your heart out, and make it a night to not remember!

Head to the mountains

Get off the grid for a bit, and go camping or hiking. The fresh air will do you good.


Take a dance class together

There’s nothing like learning a new dance to spice up your relationship. Have fun!

Go ice skating

Have some free-spirited fun and cozy up afterwards. Show off your skills!


What are you doing this Valentine’s Day?

5 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Guys


Ladies, are you stuck thinking about what to get your partner for Valentine’s Day? Crazy as it may seem, you don’t have to buy chocolates, lingerie, or alcohol to make his holiday memorable. Check out these fun and creative ideas that are sure to score!



Sports Event or Concert

Tickets to his favorite team or band are a sure win. He’ll be thinking about how cool you are for the whole next year (or maybe longer). This shows that you really know him and are willing to devote time to his interests.


Dinner Out

Traditionally, the guy takes you out on V-day, but this can be a romantic surprise. If you think he may have already booked dinner, you can do breakfast, grab a morning coffee, stop by a dessert shop, or make fondue. Let’s face it, we all love food.


Man Jewelry

This can be anything from a watch to cufflinks to a bracelet (or anything else he happens to like). While men typically aren’t into sparkly hearts, many still enjoy quality jewelry. Steer clear of giving him a ring unless you’re absolutely, completely, 200% sure he’ll like the proposal role reversal.


Personal Item


Guys tend to like utilitarian gifts. If his wallet is falling apart or his jeans are ripped, a replacement could be a nice gesture. Just be sure it’s something he likes (not necessary what you would choose), and you’re not throwing out his favorite jersey in an attempt to brush up his looks.


Time Away

The best gifts aren’t things. Plan a trip or book a class together, and build your relationship on activities instead of physical presents. Hike a mountain or visit a museum—plan out something that appeals to his interests and is an exception to your weekly routine.




What is your favorite gift to give (or get) on Valentine’s Day?

Top reasons to LOVE Valentine’s Day Weddings

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Romance is in the air. Besides getting proposed to on Valentine’s Day, nothing quite tops the drama of a wedding. Fun, feminine, and flirty, a V-Day wedding is the perfect opportunity to bring everyone you love together. Here are our favorite reasons to tie the knot on February 14!


Do you love love as much as we do? Celebrate in fun, D.I.Y. style by incorporating hearts into your wedding! The ring, invitations, cake, balloons, confetti, and general décor can all be cut or made into a hearts to celebrate the romance of your relationship.

Bridal Red

Need an excuse to show off a vintage red lip, rock red high heels, or buy a little red reception dress? This is the perfect opportunity to express your glamorous side! If you’re really bold, try on a red wedding dress like Vera Wang’s elaborate ball gown, Romona Keveza’s flowing A-line dress, or Alex Perry’s fit and flare statement piece.

Love Quotes

Display your favorite quotes about love at your wedding for a personal, memorable touch! Ask guests to share their best advice for the bride or groom, use quotations instead of table numbers, or create an aisle runner with a meaningful verse. Valentine’s Day is, above all, a celebration of love.

Red & Pink Roses

Lavish, vibrant, beautiful, and soft, red roses exude passionate romance. Yes, roses will be more expensive on Valentine’s Day… but does it really matter? The point of a wedding is to celebrate your enduring love—and spending a bit more for the best is worth it!If you’re a blushing bride, pink or white peonies are also a lovely choice for a V-day wedding! Match a blush colored gown and veil for the ultimate, sweet statement.

Dramatic Veil

As countless celebrities can attest, cathedral veils create instant drama. Whether you love the idea of a lace masterpiece or an elaborately embroidered show-stopper, a breathtaking veil is essential for a V-Day wedding. Think of it as the icing on top of your cake, or the perfect mate for your dream gown. You’ll thank us when you see your photos.

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Quick Tips: How To Plan a Valentine’s Day Bridal Shower

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Is someone you love getting married? Congratulations!

Whether you’re the mother of the bride, future mother-in-law, best friend, or maid of honor, you’ve come to the right place for help planning an awesome Valentine’s Day bridal shower. Let’s get started!

Cute Invitations

Decide on a theme and run with it! Great Valentine’s Day motifs include hearts, flowers, lace, and glitter. Whether your bride is romantic, glamorous, or a bit shy, she’s sure to appreciate a pretty, feminine theme with meaningful touches. Start by making the invitations extra special!

Fabulous Dress Code

Create an instant mood by asking guests to match a particular dress code. If you’re planning a high-class soirée, specify little black dress on your invite. If you’re hosting a more relaxed celebration, simply define a color scheme such as red and pink, or lavender and blush. Most of your guests will already own attire in at least one color. Be sure that the only person wearing white is the bride!

Spicy Activities

To avoid the awkward silence that seems to rule most bridal showers, create a buzz with fun activities! Choose one helper to keep events moving, and your guests will get into the swing of things. For Valentine’s Day, consider “Sweet vs. Spicy” taste tests, a photo booth with wild props, a mystery lingerie match-up, and a “True or False” quiz about the bride and groom. Time-honored favorites like “What’s in Your Purse?” will keep you busy!

Lovely Favors

A shower is all about “showering” the bride with gifts. However, it’s a nice touch to give your guests something to take home, too! Favors should be small and fun—in this case, anything with hearts, lace, or sparkle is a good choice! Consider heart-shaped photo frames, romantic candles, boxed sweets, red or pink lipstick, pretty nail polish, bath soaps, or wine bottle stoppers.

Romantic Setting

Again, choose a color theme and stick to it! Red roses will be expensive (especially around V-Day), so try using rose petals, instead. You can also sub in more economic flowers such as baby’s breath, mini carnations, or chrysanthemums. Fill in space with glowing candles, sparkly table runners, ribbon or tissue flowers, and hearts.

Sweet Food

Our favorite Valentine’s Day shower treats celebrate the “sweet” side of love! Devil’s food cake, chocolate-covered strawberries, and XO cookies make decadent, delightful dishes for your guests to savor. Try yogurt-covered pretzels and sparkling juice or champagne for a lighter touch, or provide a candy bar for guests to graze.

A Beautiful Bride

Above all, the bride should feel special! Give her a cute little tiara, dazzling earrings, or a “Bride-To-Be” sash to wear at her shower! This is her once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to accept gifts in preparation for her marriage. Ask her most-loved friends and family to attend—not people who “should” be invited. If your bride feels more comfortable in mixed company, consider including the groom or male friends by hosting a joint shower. Another option is to organize a separate event for the guys. Just make sure everyone is done in time for their Valentine’s date night!


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Did we miss anything? Share your favorite ideas for V-Day showers below!