5 Reasons to Have a Christmas Wedding

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‘Tis the season to get married! Tie the knot during this festive time of year for amazing photos and wonderful memories. Here are our five favorite reasons to say I Do to a Christmas wedding!

Cute Proposal Photos & Save the Dates

From ornaments etched with your wedding date to heart-shaped candy canes, the tried and true ways to announce your wedding and personalize the photos are totally heartwarming! Kissing under the mistletoe, wrapping up in blankets, playing outside in the snow, and posing in front of your church are just a few of the romantic and sweet ways to create that extra-special holiday ambiance.

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Bright Centerpieces & Florals

The ways to incorporate wintery touches and seasonal cheer are practically endless. You can use mini Christmas trees, sprigs of holly, or candles to create rustic centerpieces. Strung lights and a glowing fire are totally in place. Evergreen garlands with beautiful red and white poinsettias add a lovely touch of romance. For your bouquet, a green, white, brown, and red color scheme gives you the freedom to select anything from pinecones and succulents to pure red roses or mistletoe.

Holiday-Themed Gifts

There are so many cute ways to commemorate your wedding that beautifully express the joy and spirit of the Christmas season! Give your guests photo ornaments, gloves, snow globes, or holiday mugs to take away from the celebration—they can use them at home! You can also keep friends occupied with activities like decorating cards or making ornaments while you’re taking your family portraits.

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Seasonal Goodies

Even though most winter wedding ceremonies and receptions are held indoors, this is the perfect opportunity to indulge in warm comfort foods. Hot drinks, seasonal favorites, peppermint goodies, and rich desserts will keep your guests feeling cozy. Add some fun to your reception with a hot cocoa bar, or let guests customize their cookies! For healthy but hearty options, consider vegan casseroles, mixed nuts, or berry pies.

Snazzy Bridal Accessories

    The holiday season creates the perfect atmosphere for a bit of upscale sparkle and a pop of color. Warm metallics and shimmering sequins are trending this year—Christmas is the perfect time to incorporate a dash of gold, silver, red, or green into your look.

Elegant jewelry, an eye-catching bridal belt, a shimmering headpiece, and a beautiful veil will help you create a totally glamorous ensemble. Gold headpieces and intricately beaded belts have been especially popular—check out our Spring 2016 Collection for a few options!

Want a more rustic look? A pretty plaid shawl and brightly-colored shoes will add a touch of holiday cheer. If you’re headed out to a wintery wonderland, consider a cape or faux fur wrap! Check out our Pinterest boards for more fabulous holiday style inspiration.



These are just our five favorite reasons to host a Christmas wedding—what are yours?

Best Ways to Make Your Wedding Eco-Friendly

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Do you know what the term “sustainability” means?

Do you turn off your lights, avoid running your sprinklers too much, and conserve heat during the winter? If you volunteer every Earth Day, you probably already know how to make sure your wedding day doesn’t trash the environment. Weddings consume lots of resources. You can minimize your impact with a few simple, strategic choices—from your invitations to your favors, every little bit counts!

Read on to find out how to plan a gorgeous celebration that supports environmental wellness.

Paperless Invitations

This one’s easy: paper comes from trees. The less paper you use, the fewer trees you chop down. This might seem minor, but consider that thousands of brides tie the knot every year—and each couple invites anywhere from one to hundreds of guests.

Go digital for your save-the-dates and wedding invitations, and you’ll help save whole forests. If you feel compelled to use a paper invitation, get one made from recycled paper and encourage your guests to recycle it again. Some businesses sell invitations that may be re-used as magnets or bookmarks.

Green Venue

Check out your venue’s environmental practices. Does it use natural gas heating? Does it use solar panels or have an environmentally-friendly building design? Is the location in a protected forest area or park, or do the proceeds go to support green spaces? Does the venue compost and recycle their waste? If you’re getting married in a garden, do they use pesticides or grow plants that will support pollinators? Ask these questions when booking; if you get a blank stare, look elsewhere.

Recycled Decorations

Remember the three R’s—reuse, reduce, recycle? Look for wedding decorations at thrift stores, antique shops, or sites such as Once Wed, so you’re not buying all your materials new. If you do happen to host a bohemian or vintage-style wedding, you can use old bottles for table toppers. You can also choose compostable utensils or cut down on waste by using dishes instead of throwing paper plates away.

Vintage Gowns

Terms to search for include “upcycled,” “vintage,” and “used.” You can go on Once Wed and other bridal dress sites to look for wedding gowns that have only been worn once—or, in some cases, not at all! This saves material and is a cheaper option than buying a brand-new dress. After all, why let such beauty go to waste? Go to a dry cleaner (that uses environmentally-friendly techniques) and you’re all set!

If you have your heart set on a new dress, you can also choose a company that sources organic fabrics and/or employs practices that are good for the environment. Consider doing the same for your bridesmaids’ dresses, too!

Seasonal, local flowers

Buy local, seasonal flowers for your decorations and bouquet. Source your flowers from a local, organic farm and choose varieties currently in bloom. Not only will this help cut costs, but you will do the environment a favor by supporting a business that does not use pesticides. You can also use succulents in your bouquet, as these desert plants need little water and can be re-planted!

Ethical Jewelry

Look for fair trade, conflict-free jewelry for your wedding. Consider these factors when choosing your engagement and wedding rings, too! Some jewelers even use recycled metals and craft designs from vintage pieces. Many companies also donate a portion of their profits to charities and community organizations! Seek them out and celebrate good causes as you commence your new marriage.


Remember, every choice counts; even one positive decision you make can help the environment! You’ve already taken the first step by reading this article; now have fun planning an eco-friendly and beautiful celebration.

What are your favorite tips for hosting an environmentally-conscious wedding? Let us know!

Top reasons to LOVE Valentine’s Day Weddings

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Romance is in the air. Besides getting proposed to on Valentine’s Day, nothing quite tops the drama of a wedding. Fun, feminine, and flirty, a V-Day wedding is the perfect opportunity to bring everyone you love together. Here are our favorite reasons to tie the knot on February 14!


Do you love love as much as we do? Celebrate in fun, D.I.Y. style by incorporating hearts into your wedding! The ring, invitations, cake, balloons, confetti, and general décor can all be cut or made into a hearts to celebrate the romance of your relationship.

Bridal Red

Need an excuse to show off a vintage red lip, rock red high heels, or buy a little red reception dress? This is the perfect opportunity to express your glamorous side! If you’re really bold, try on a red wedding dress like Vera Wang’s elaborate ball gown, Romona Keveza’s flowing A-line dress, or Alex Perry’s fit and flare statement piece.

Love Quotes

Display your favorite quotes about love at your wedding for a personal, memorable touch! Ask guests to share their best advice for the bride or groom, use quotations instead of table numbers, or create an aisle runner with a meaningful verse. Valentine’s Day is, above all, a celebration of love.

Red & Pink Roses

Lavish, vibrant, beautiful, and soft, red roses exude passionate romance. Yes, roses will be more expensive on Valentine’s Day… but does it really matter? The point of a wedding is to celebrate your enduring love—and spending a bit more for the best is worth it!If you’re a blushing bride, pink or white peonies are also a lovely choice for a V-day wedding! Match a blush colored gown and veil for the ultimate, sweet statement.

Dramatic Veil

As countless celebrities can attest, cathedral veils create instant drama. Whether you love the idea of a lace masterpiece or an elaborately embroidered show-stopper, a breathtaking veil is essential for a V-Day wedding. Think of it as the icing on top of your cake, or the perfect mate for your dream gown. You’ll thank us when you see your photos.

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Your Guide to Holiday Style

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Are you getting married this holiday season, or thinking of tying the knot next December? Incorporate all the festive cheer and joy of your favorite holidays into your wedding look! A few simple color accents will go a long way into making your celebration merry and memorable. From bold lipstick to sparkling brooches, here are some of our best ideas to spice up your wedding!

Pop of Color

Whether you accent your gown with a bright shawl, cute mittens, a long scarf, or a cozy coat, the winter weather offers plentiful opportunities to accessorize with a fabulous splash of color. Bright red, fresh green, or cool blue tones can tie in beautifully with your overall theme. This not only adds seasonal charm to your wedding photos, but will keep you warm all day and night.

Groom’s Style

You’d be surprised, but a lot of guys like to play with color. Festive socks, berry boutonnieres, winter hats, and plaid scarves are classic yet fun ways to celebrate in style! Coordinate your guy’s look with your overall color scheme or mirror the seasonal accents from his ensemble in your bouquet.  You don’t have to wear reindeer antlers or funky ties (though you certainly can) to express holiday spirit.


Spiffing up your table décor with holiday accents is probably the easiest way to subtly (or quite overtly) give your wedding a festive twist. Bowls of ornaments, colored tapered candles, sparkling painted trees, or strings of lights all lend instant holiday charm to your celebration.


Whether you choose green and red gowns, velvet sashes, snowflake jewelry, or poinsettia or holly bouquets, you can outfit your bridesmaids in beautiful ensembles to complement the season (and weather). This is a great opportunity to indulge in some new boots or sparkly heels! Colorful scarves or elegant wraps make wonderful gifts and will keep your best friends warm and cozy.


Pinecones, mistletoe, and holly add amazing color and festive spirit to your overall wedding look. Rustic, seasonal bouquets not only look unique and smell wonderful, but cost much less than all peonies or red roses. If you’re going for a more glamorous look, incorporate crystal bouquet jewelry or brooches—the more sparkle, the better!


Are you planning a winter or holiday wedding? Tell us how you are accessorizing!