14 Fun Things To Do on Valentine’s Day

Valentines photo of kissing couple

Trying to figure out what to do on V-day? Don’t want another boring year to pass? Pick one (or more) of these awesome activities—whether you’re single or attached!


Camp indoors

Think a roaring fire, couch cushions, pillows, sleeping bags, the whole deal.

Add s’mores, for sure!

Work out  

They say that endorphins put you in a great mood. Couples that play together, stay together!


Get massages

Give yourself and your partner the celebrity treatment for a day! Indulge in wellness and beauty.

Go to a concert

Think of V-day as the perfect excuse. How many chances will you get to see them LIVE, in person?


Make a dessert bar

Step 1: Go wild with your Pinterest recipes. Step 2: Brush your teeth.

Check out a new restaurant 

If the food is terrible, you have our permission to get an amazing dessert. If it’s great, you have a new date spot!


Grab a movie

Create cinema magic with snacks and low lighting. Pick a flick that you’ll both love (and a back-up).


Spread the love and give your time to improve other people’s lives or help the environment. Get ready to feel warm and fuzzy inside!


Visit a winery for a tasting

Get jazzed up and indulge in a night of sophistication and class. Why not take a bottle home?

Hit the museum

Focus on the big picture. Check out dinosaurs and gemstones, stroll through history, critique paintings and sculptures, or go spy the Puffy Shirt.


Visit a karaoke club

What happens in the club, stays in the club. Sing your heart out, and make it a night to not remember!

Head to the mountains

Get off the grid for a bit, and go camping or hiking. The fresh air will do you good.


Take a dance class together

There’s nothing like learning a new dance to spice up your relationship. Have fun!

Go ice skating

Have some free-spirited fun and cozy up afterwards. Show off your skills!


What are you doing this Valentine’s Day?

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