6 Ways to Style an Outside-The-Box Wedding


Photo Credit: Jessica Cooper Photography for Sweet Caroline Styles

Getting married with a twist? If you want to stand out and avoid clichés, try on these tips for styling an outside-the-box look for your wedding.


Photo Credit: Jessica Cooper Photography for Sweet Caroline Styles

Colored Dress

A white dress has been the traditional bridal staple for well over a hundred years. Mix it up by choosing something different! More and more wedding gown designers are playing with non-white/ivory hues, including light blue, blush pink, lavender, floral prints, gold, or even black!


Photo Credit: Jessica Cooper Photography for Sweet Caroline Styles

Unique Headpiece

Brides usually show up with garlands, veils, and flower combs on their wedding day. Instead, choose something unique that you would wear to a dressy party or on New Year’s Eve. Opal pins, wired crystal vines, and metallic halos can really jazz up your style.


Photo Credit: Jessica Cooper Photography for Sweet Caroline Styles

Casual Accent Piece

Spice up your look with a casual accent. A bold jacket, stand-out shoes, or patterned scarf will do the trick. Especially if you’re wearing a white dress, this will give your outfit personality—so you can feel like yourself on the big day.


Photo Credit: Jessica Cooper Photography for Sweet Caroline Styles

Wearable Jewelry

Most weddings call for formal bling—think pearls and rhinestones. Create a modern look by choosing jewelry you would actually, honestly wear again. Feature your birthstone or something special that you already own!


Photo Credit: Jessica Cooper Photography for Sweet Caroline Styles

Minimal Reception Décor

Skip the linens, china plates, and abundant flowers. Take advantage of the natural appearance of your venue; the less you have to dress up the space, the better! Get crafty and DIY personalized touches with custom calligraphy, paper flowers, and upcycled centerpieces.


Photo Credit: Jessica Cooper Photography for Sweet Caroline Styles

Exotic Getaway

Many couples drive off in their car or limo with cans tied to the back or a sign that says “Just Married.” For something different, try riding away on bikes, motorcycles, or horses. Take a cable car or boat. Better yet, lead a band of revelers in a parade! Point is, feel free to get creative.

How are you personalizing your out-of-the-ordinary wedding? Let us know!

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It’s His Wedding, Too!


Photo Credit: Amanda Lauran Photography

Want to get your husband-to-be involved in the wedding planning process? Show him a photo of a groom wearing a pink cummerbund and tie. That’ll get his attention quick.


Photo Credit: Amanda Lauran Photography

Then consider these five tips for coordinating a wedding together:

Most guys are willing or even eager to choose their own attire. Check out our Style My Groom board on Pinterest for ideas that range from classic to retro, preppy to jazz age! If he doesn’t step up, you can absolutely feel free to pull out the pink for him and his groomsmen.


Coordinate your wedding style together. For example, if you have your heart set on a ball gown, a casual look for him might feel out of place. Similarly, if he likes the traditional look of a tux, you might reconsider going barefoot on the beach.


Unless he wants to dance to your favorite tunes all night, he should help compile a song list! Many guys enjoy picking the DJ, choosing a signature groom’s drink, designing the wedding cake, or scheduling the getaway car.


Play to each other’s strengths. The tech-savvy partner might be interested in trying a GoPro, scheduling a videographer, handling social media, or creating your wedding website. The artistic partner might enjoy designing your invitations, picking wedding colors, or making DIY decorations.


Talk about which tasks you’re excited to do and which ones you’re dreading. Help each other out! These days, there are no set masculine or feminine roles in wedding planning.


Photo Credit: Amanda Lauran Photography

For help choosing your season and/or theme, be sure to browse our other Pinterest boards for inspiration. Above all, have fun! This special day belongs to both of you.

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