6 Ways to Style an Outside-The-Box Wedding


Photo Credit: Jessica Cooper Photography for Sweet Caroline Styles

Getting married with a twist? If you want to stand out and avoid clichés, try on these tips for styling an outside-the-box look for your wedding.


Photo Credit: Jessica Cooper Photography for Sweet Caroline Styles

Colored Dress

A white dress has been the traditional bridal staple for well over a hundred years. Mix it up by choosing something different! More and more wedding gown designers are playing with non-white/ivory hues, including light blue, blush pink, lavender, floral prints, gold, or even black!


Photo Credit: Jessica Cooper Photography for Sweet Caroline Styles

Unique Headpiece

Brides usually show up with garlands, veils, and flower combs on their wedding day. Instead, choose something unique that you would wear to a dressy party or on New Year’s Eve. Opal pins, wired crystal vines, and metallic halos can really jazz up your style.


Photo Credit: Jessica Cooper Photography for Sweet Caroline Styles

Casual Accent Piece

Spice up your look with a casual accent. A bold jacket, stand-out shoes, or patterned scarf will do the trick. Especially if you’re wearing a white dress, this will give your outfit personality—so you can feel like yourself on the big day.


Photo Credit: Jessica Cooper Photography for Sweet Caroline Styles

Wearable Jewelry

Most weddings call for formal bling—think pearls and rhinestones. Create a modern look by choosing jewelry you would actually, honestly wear again. Feature your birthstone or something special that you already own!


Photo Credit: Jessica Cooper Photography for Sweet Caroline Styles

Minimal Reception Décor

Skip the linens, china plates, and abundant flowers. Take advantage of the natural appearance of your venue; the less you have to dress up the space, the better! Get crafty and DIY personalized touches with custom calligraphy, paper flowers, and upcycled centerpieces.


Photo Credit: Jessica Cooper Photography for Sweet Caroline Styles

Exotic Getaway

Many couples drive off in their car or limo with cans tied to the back or a sign that says “Just Married.” For something different, try riding away on bikes, motorcycles, or horses. Take a cable car or boat. Better yet, lead a band of revelers in a parade! Point is, feel free to get creative.

How are you personalizing your out-of-the-ordinary wedding? Let us know!

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15 Memorable Bachelorette Party Ideas


Celebrate kissing the single life goodbye! Check out these fun, memorable bachelorette party activities for the bride who wants something unique. This list caters to every personality and budget, so she can have a killer time without breaking the bank.



Who says a bachelorette bash needs to wait for the sun to go down? Kick off your party during the day!

Concert or Sports Event

For your gal pal who likes to get out and do things, going to see her favorite band or sports team is super fun. Score extra points if you bring her a little veil to wear for the event, or get her on the big screen!

Water Park

If you’re going to a summer wedding and the weather is hot, head to your local lake or river for relaxation and fun! Check out your local water slide park, go river rafting, or visit the beach! Tip: wear cute matching sunglasses.

Take a Class

Cater to what your bride likes. Is she a foodie? Arrange a cooking class or cocktail-mixing class! Does she love art? Sign up for a painting class paired with wine. If she’s into crafts, try a ceramics or jewelry-making class. For a touch of the exotic, a pole dancing or belly dancing class is a fun way to get moving.

Themed Running Race

Sweating for the wedding? Stay fit and fabulous with a themed race (like a Mud Run, Color Run, Rock n’ Roll Run, Chocolate Run, or so many others). Check out local races and find one that supports a great charity. She’ll totally burn off those pre-wedding jitters.

Paintball & Mini-Golf

A series of fun activities is the perfect way to chillax, for guys or girls. Spend the day doing paint ball, bowling, batting cages, go-karts, mini-golf, Frisbee golf, archery, sailing—whatever floats her boat.

Local Festival

If the wedding falls close to the date of a seasonal fair or festival, why not go as a group? Oktoberfest, Strawberry Festivals, Craft Fairs, Music Festivals—treat your bride to whatever she desires!

Amusement Park

Is your bride a thrill seeker or simply young at heart? Disneyland, Harry Potter World, Knott’s Berry Farm, and Six Flags come to mind, but you can find a theme park that is close to where you live, too. Just be sure her veil doesn’t fall off on one of the roller coasters!



Party on with fun night-time activities perfect for the bride who wants to keep it PG-13.

Slumber Party

The whole point of a bachelorette party is hanging out with the girls, isn’t it? Get together for a middle-school style slumber party and make it fun! Do your nails, braid your hair, and watch a movie marathon full of chick-flicks.

Dressy Dinner Out

Treat your bride to an upscale night out! Get dolled up and take her to a nice dinner, finishing off the night at a local hotspot such as a comedy club, karaoke bar, or theatre. Forget feather boas and bars—tonight is about enjoying life’s finer things.

Poker/Game Night

If your bride doesn’t like the idea of going out, you can still get everyone together for a game night. Bring cards, chips, video games and/or board games, and serve lots of snacks! You can have a scavenger hunt or play trivia games about the bride and groom.

Meet up with Guys

Decided that you’re not going to a strip club? That doesn’t mean you can’t hang out with hot guys! Meet up with the groom and groomsmen, and do something everyone will love (see above activity options).



For an epic bachelorette experience, take time off before the wedding and make a weekend of it.

Cool Cruise

If you have more funds to spend and want a true vacation, going on an exotic cruise is the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. The massages, fine cuisine, and amazing views will be worth it.

Wine Country Tour

For your wine and food connoisseur, a weekend in wine country is a fabulous way to get away. Perfect for stressed-out brides, you can wine, dine and prep for the wedding with classic panache.

Spa Weekend

For the super-stressed bride, there’s nothing better than a spa weekend. Get together for the ultimate pampering package and enjoy makeovers, manicures, pedicures, and massages. This is a great way to work in a last-minute beauty treatment before the wedding!

Head to the Mountains

If your bride is outdoorsy and urban activities are not her cup of tea, no problem! Head into the mountains and get some fresh air. Go camping or backpacking, and be sure to bring s’mores, games, and ghost stories galore!


What would you LOVE to do for your BP? Share your ideas!